Do you hate your job? Welcome to adulthood, most of the world would tell you. Suck it up and do what you have to do so you can have a halfway decent pension in retirement, most of the world would tell you. You’re no better than all the rest of humanity who also has to do jobs they hate so stop complaining, most of the world would tell you.

I’m not going to tell you that. I think it is ridiculous that anyone should have to spend their life doing something they hate. After all, we only get one life – why spend it in unhappiness? Go, quit your job, and start living your dream!

What did you feel when I said that? If you are like most people, you felt fear. You thought about the bills you have to pay, you wondered if you’d lose your house, or you simply felt the fear of the unknown.

This mental exercise was designed to prove something to you. You’re not stuck in a job you hate because you feel you have to be responsible. You are stuck in a job you hate because you fear not being stuck in a job you hate. Following your deepest passions means stepping out into the unknown, and that is profoundly scary for most people.

People tell themselves certain things about the life they want. They tell themselves that they want to be successful, independent, responsible, famous, wealthy, free to pursue their own creativity, etc. but in fact they are limited by their fears of those exact things that their conscious mind wants. Your subconscious is actually:

1 Afraid of being independent.
2 Afraid of losing financial stability.
3 Afraid of responsibility.
4 Afraid of success.

And all of this is because deep down you are
5 Afraid of failure.

Stepping out and taking a chance to do what you want most to do in life means taking a risk. Risks mean that you could fail. You would rather stay with the boring, frustrating, stressful, and ultimately predictable life you have than step out into the vast unknown, take a chance, and risk failing. At the same time, you are also to a certain extent afraid of success. You may not feel you deserve it. You may fear that success will bring even more responsibilities you don’t want to shoulder. Once again, success represents the unknown, and that is scary.

This fear of failure (and consequent fear of success) is caused by a problem in your psychological programming. Your mind is like a computer disk. It does what it is programmed to do. And when you were a small child, you had experiences that programmed you to be afraid of failure. Maybe you wrote a really excellent report in school, your teacher praised you in front of the rest of the class, and your classmates made fun of you for being the teacher’s pet. Maybe your friends were jealous of you for always being the best at sports. Maybe you liked to read, build model air planes, or program computers and so you got made fun of for being a geek.

Most of us have spent a lot of our lives around people who tear others down when they are jealous of them. This teaches us a lesson. It teaches us that rising above the crowd is dangerous because when you’re above the crowd you’re a target for eggs and rotten tomatoes (metaphorically speaking). It teaches us that it is safer to be mediocre because no one will hate us for that. It teaches us that it is better to spend our lives doing jobs we hate than to take a risk and do something that no one else has thought of doing.

These lessons bury themselves deeply into our unconscious. They cause negative emotions to pop up whenever we get too close to a situation that reminds us of a painful memory from our past. They cause self-sabotaging behaviour whenever we start to do something that our unconscious thinks is dangerous.

We are afraid of success because at some point in our pasts, we had an experience that taught us that success is really failure. We have forgotten what failure really is, and have swapped the definition of failure with the definition of success in our minds. If you want to become successful and have the life you really want, you must address and overcome those past lessons. You must learn to see failure for what it really is: a life of boredom and sadness, doing something you hate without even seeing any rewards from it. You must learn that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from truly, passionately pursuing success.

But you can’t do that just by telling yourself to think differently. You have to actually erase the memories and the old lessons that you are carrying around like emotional weights attached to your back. If you don’t, those lessons will still be there. Once you lose the initial burst of energy from realising that your fear of success is unfounded, the weight of those lessons will still be there, slowing you down. No one can possibly fight against that burden forever.

Over 10 years ago, a group of scientists developed a method to actually erase the negative memories that cause problems and deplete our Life Force Energy. Our Life Force Energy is what makes us go, more or less, and these negative memories act as parasites sucking our energy away. These parasites can actually be permanently and completely deleted simply by becoming conscious of the lies we have come to believe about these memories and how they serve us.

The process is simple, but its effects are incredibly powerful and profound. Indeed, many individuals who have gone through the process and have restored themselves to their unadulterated, authentic states of being have realised that this state also represents a form of spirituality in which they gain unshakeable, permanent confidence in themselves and a strength of will that bounces back unstoppably from adversity.

If you are holding yourself back from success and want to break free, the Mind Resonance Process method can help you change your life forever! I have worked with hundreds of individuals to free them from their negative memories and beliefs. The results that my clients get are better than any other modality, because they are permanent! People come to me after trying the Sedona Method, EFT, psychotherapy, and many other methods to improve their lives. Inevitably, after trying my program, they have a profound and permanent transformation that they failed to achieve with the other methods.

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