Testing the chakras involves assessing your emotional and mental health and happiness, as well as your stability in certain areas of your life. Therefore, it is something which involves thinking about and answering specific questions which target your feelings of stability, your ease with who you are, your creativity, your openness and love of others, how well you express yourself and listen to others, your powers of intuition and insight, and your connection with a higher power.

Being able to clearly answer these questions, without feeling attached the results is the most important thing when it comes to taking true stock of your energy centers and beginning to heal them. One of the major problems with
chakra test like these are that it is easier to think of how we are feeling currently rather than what we are like in general. It is also difficult to let go of our expectations and preconceived notions in order to be honest with ourselves. Unfortunately, unless we can do just that, it will be impossible to have a thorough and accurate reading of our chakras.

Don't look at the questions, yet. Before testing your chakras, take time to clear your mind and meditate. If you like, quickly move through each of the energy centers, starting at the root chakra. Don't look for it being opened or closed, just pay attention to what thoughts and emotions come up when you encounter each. This will give you a little more insight while taking the test. There are several questionnaires on the internet aimed at helping you determine which energy center(s) needs the most attention. You may find it helpful to take several different ones.

This version of the chakra test asks for simple yes or no answers to three questions pertaining to each chakra. Be honest and open. Don't be afraid of getting contradicting answers in each area. The point is to determine if the chakra is too open, too closed, or balanced:

The Root Chakra:
Do you feel stable financially, in your relationships, and in your home?
Do you feel secure and safe?
Do you feel like you can handle whatever life throws at you?

The Sacral Chakra:
Do you frequently have moments of inspiration and creativity?
Are you able to control your sexual impulses?
Do you form stable, long-lasting and loving sexual relationships?

The Solar-Plexus Chakra:
Are you okay with being in control?
Do you feel capable of taking the lead and making your own decisions?
Are you capable of setting goals for yourself and following through?

The Heart Chakra:
Do you tend to love most people?
Are you able to accept and care about others?
Do you show your own emotions easily?

The Throat Chakra?
Are you comfortable having conversations with strangers?
Is your voice clear and audible?
Do you say what you really think and feel in most situations, while being sensitive in your communication?

Third Eye Chakra:
Are you insightful?
Can you sense other peoples thoughts and emotions fairly accurately?
Do you have intuitions which frequently turn out to be true?

The Crown Chakra?
Do you feel connected to the world around you?
Do you feel part of something bigger than yourself?
Do you feel guided by the heavens or a supernatural power?

If you answered no more than twice in any category, that chakra is likely closed or blocked. Two or more yes answers is ideal, and indicates openness or balance. To find out whether the chakra is too open or overpowering, answer these additional questions for any chakra you have three yes answers in:

The root chakra:
Do you have a hard time remembering to save money, or do you experience buyer's remorse?

The sacral chakra:
Do feel the need to make everyone feel good and desirable, or, do you have a hard time saying no to sex?

The Solar-plexus:
Do you have a hard time letting others lead the situation or have a voice?

The Heart Chakra:
Do you feel responsible for, or tend to take on other people's emotions?

The Throat chakra:
Do you often tend to talk more than you listen?

The third-eye chakra:
Do you tend to exaggerate the meaning of even simple situations or events?

The crown chakra:
Do you have a hard time feeling grounded and keeping a grip on reality?

Once you determine which chakras need the most attention, you can direct your meditations and other balancing techniques toward them. Remember, you need balancing and healing for both chakras that are too open and overpowering, and chakras which are closed or weak. Striking an equilibrium in each center makes us into fully realized human beings.

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