Recently in the news I read about a very good and effective way of controlling food eaten during the day. This is the first step to quickly lose belly fat and effectively. And thus defending against eating any foods that instead of helping us lose weight, add another kg. It's very simple, yet very effective. Just do not laugh. It really works, scientifically.

Take a picture of every meal that you eat. Then show it to your doctor, dietitian, coach, or family. Let them control you. You control yourself. Any violation of this rule will create in you a sense of guilt and will effectively protect against junk food. Just do not cheat, make photos of even the smallest pieces of food. Remember that it is for your own good.

Controlling calorie intake is one of the main keys to rapid and effective slimming. With such a system it won't be a problem for you. I have for you a few additional tips.

It's best to eat several smaller meals throughout the day, instead of, for example, 3 large. In this way, you send to your body a message that you do not have to store food in form of fat. Stimulate your metabolism and you'll be on your way to effectively lose weight.

The next trick... Did you know that you are overweight by your brain? When you eat fast, your brain can't keep up, and it's too late to inform you that you're already full. You overeat, and this is the main cause of obesity. From now start to eat slowly, very slowly. In your mouth begins the first stage of digestion, do not skip it. You will be saturated more quickly and thus limit intake of calories.

Next time you come into a store, be aware of what you buy to eat. Look at the labels - how many calories a product has, select fruit or vegetables instead of candy bars. I recommend especially watery fruits or vegetables such as watermelon, and cucumber. You can eat and satisfy hunger, and not intake unnecessary calories, because they consist mainly of water. Now you know how to lose weight quickly and effectively. Nothing difficult. Follow these tips and i guarantee you WILL lose fat!

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