Would you like to learn how to speed read? It is a skill that has great value in our text based society. Let's say that you need to read hundreds of pages for a college exam. Maybe you are a businessperson trying to skim through manuals on a new technique to boost sales. Whoever you are, speed reading is a beneficial skill that most people need. Speed-reading can be learned very easily. Using the techniques presented in this article, you should be reading 2 times as fast very quickly.

A good starting point for your speed reading efforts would be to learn how fast you presently read. It's hard to measure your results unless you know your starting point. You can either take a speed reading test online, as there are plenty of them available, or you can do it manually. To do it yourself, find some reading material of average difficulty and get out a timer; three minutes is a good amount of time to set it for. Keep reading until the timer goes off; just read at your normal pace, as that's the point of this exercise. Count up the words and calculate how many words you read per minute. The average person reads between 200 and 250 words per minute, so in all likelihood that's what your results will look like as well.

You may not realize it, but the conditions around you when you read can make a real difference. If you read for fun, you probably don't care about your reading speed; on the other hand, if you need to learn something fast, it's a different story. It's important that you can concentrate properly if you want to take in as much information as possible. If you're in an uncomfortable chair (or you're slouching), if it's too dim or if there's a TV or other noise going on, this will interfere with your ability to focus. Reading in bed or slouched on the couch is not recommended, as this type of position is not ideal for focusing on something you have to learn.

The next thing you should do is organize your material in such a way that will help you read faster than normal. More than likely, you will be reading something that is nonfiction. The structure of nonfiction usually includes outlines and subheadings to help the reader. Reading material that is outlined in such a way can help you understand the totality of the content, and allow you to absorb it much more rapidly than ever before. The way you do this is simple: you skim the entire book looking at headings, subheadings, as well as the table of contents - basically anything that stands out. This way you'll know what to expect once you start reading and you'll find it easier to fill in the blanks, allowing you to quickly and confidently skip over "filler" terms.

In conclusion, reading fast has nothing to do with learning new skills. You need to replace your old reading habits. Similar to subvocalization or regression therapy - you simply need to move the old technique out and replace it with a more efficient technique to help you read fast. Your ability to read quickly will be enhanced when you use your index finger to help you. By using the advice that we have just presented in this article, in no time at all, you will be able to read faster than ever before and save time every day.

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