A quick and hassle-free move is the dream of everyone who faces this challenge. Every step of the way, we are faced with problems. The main one is collecting things. Not only does this process take a lot of time and effort, but even during transportation things are lost and spoiled.

Collecting things will not be a headache with proper preparation and packaging. Reliable and high-quality packaging guarantees the safety and security of property during transportation.

What packaging will be needed
Cardboard boxes of various sizes
Paper, newspapers and soft fabric.
Bubble wrap
Plastic bags and durable bags
Scotch tape and rope

How to collect things when moving
Begin training in advance, and not on the day of the move! This will help to avoid problems and losses, preserve your psychological state.
Sort things. Do not leave books and clothing with coloring materials. Place food products separately from household chemicals, and fragile products separately from sharp ones.
Separately pack documents and money, jewelry and necessary medicines. Keep these things with you when moving.
Do not grab everything at once, follow the sequence. First, collect hard objects, seasonal clothes, and shoes. Last but not least - furniture, appliances and everyday items.
Sign boxes, it will simplify unpacking and arrangement of things.
Treat relocation as an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things. Feel free to throw out old newspapers and magazines, broken toys and idle equipment. Clothing and shoes in good condition, which does not fit or simply do not like, give to low-income people.

Packing sequence
Follow the correct packing sequence! This will simplify the relocation process and help avoid transportation problems.

First, pack tablecloths and curtains, pillows and blankets, and other fabric items. Collect things from cabinets and mezzanines in a big bag.

Next, grasp books that need to be folded in low piles and wrapped in thick paper. The same technique is suitable for packing discs. Put the items in a cardboard box and seal them tightly with tape.

Next in line are clothes and shoes. If possible, pack your personal items in a bag or suitcase. Big packages will do.

Now is the time to pack the dishes. Wrap sharp objects with cardboard and put them in a box, the bottom of which is pre-covered with foam or newspapers. Wrap crystal and glass utensils with paper, and then cloth or film. Do not spare material and wrap each item separately. Wrap pots and pans in newspapers and put them in bags.

Furniture must be disassembled, the furniture must be separated and put in a separate bag or bag. Fasten the moving objects (boxes, doors) with tape. Use cardboard sheets to pack mirrors. Wrap tightly with tape and rope.

At the end, clean household appliances. Turn off the appliances, defrost the refrigerator. It is advisable to transport items in their original store packaging. If the box is not preserved, then sign on the packaging the bottom and top of the device. Do not leave gaps inside the box; fill the empty seats with newspapers or film.

You can find out more about how to collect small, fragile, valuable things, household appliances and furniture here.

Packing from transport companies
Now, some transport companies, in addition to loading and transportation, also offer the services of packers. By ordering such a service, you will get rid of troublesome fees, save time and nerves. If necessary, the craftsmen dismantle the furniture and household appliances, select the appropriate packaging, and at the final point collect, install and connect.

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