Want to make a good living teaching guitar while getting the best results for your students? Use the following ideas to begin:

1. Create Unique Lesson Plans To Help Students Reach Their Goals

It’s a frequently-made mistake to use cookie-cutter lesson plans for every student. This doesn’t work because all guitar students have specific musical goals and personalities that affect how they learn best. Rather than teaching them with a generic approach, inquire about their specific musical goals during or before their first lesson with you. Then put together a specific lesson plan to help them achieve their goals and show them as they make progress along the way.

Your guitar students become incredibly motivated when they know you are helping them achieve what they want AND you are showing them their progress consistently. This results in faster progress and a better reputation for you (=more students and more money).

2. Learn How To Teach Different Types Of Students

Every student learns in a different way. Some are easily discouraged by mistakes or become overwhelmed by the idea of challenging practice. These types need extra encouragement and tons of early victories to build their confidence. Other students already have confidence in their abilities and are able to practice tedious exercises when they know it will help them in the long run.

It’s your job as a guitar teacher to know which student you are working with and teach them in a way that gets the best results. Focus closely on this aspect of teaching until spotting student types becomes easy for you. The better you get at this, the faster your students will make progress.

3. Master Teaching Beginner Guitar Students

Teaching beginner guitar students is crucial if you want to make tons of money in your guitar teaching business. There are tons of beginner students out there (more than any other type). When you master teaching beginner guitar students, you have access to more total students, quickly fill your teaching schedule and keep it full for a long time to come.

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