Tumbled stones are small pieces of rocks that are polished to look bright. The rough rocks are placed inside the machine called rock tumbled, which made their edges and surfaces smooth and polished. Many people prefer these stones as these look beautiful with great shape and bright polishes. Each year thousands of stones are produced for commercial purpose.

Tumbled stones are used in many ways- in jewelry, crafts, souvenir, home décor and awards. Apart from the general usage, many tumbled stones have healing properties. Since at cellular level both tumbled stones and human body are made up of mineral silicon-dioxide, we can naturally receive vibration and energy transmitted by crystals. They hold specific intentions and the meaning of each crystal is unique. You need to pick up natural tumbled stones that match your specific needs and goals.

How to pick up tumbled stones?

Most tumbled stones sold online claimed to have metaphysical properties and unique energies. But, how to know which one is appropriate for you. A common rule of thumb is that you will feel attracted towards a stone and to your surprise it will contain emotional and physical support that your mind, body and soul will be searching for.

As your life changes, you need to change the crystal as well, because your needs and intentions are also changing.

There are over hundred varieties of tumbled stones. Different tumbled gemstones have different healing qualities. Try to carry the gemstone in a way that it touches skin. Skin contact is essential for maximum energy transfer. It is ideal for meditation as well. Only make sure that your stones are not dyed or heated for enhancing colors.

Other than following your intuition, if you want to learn which crystal serves what healing purpose, here is a guide to some popular varieties.

White crystals like Danburite, Clear Quartz and Apophyllite have magical qualities and can be linked with purity and enlightenment of thoughts.

Red color stones like Ruby, Red Tiger’s Eye or Jasper are popular for their grounding properties. Red color symbolizes life force of the universe. So these types of stones conduct maximum energy. The stones give you mental focus and determination essential to establish your dreams.

Pink stones like Rhodocrosite and Rose Quartz are gentle. They enable you to take an optimistic outlook of life.

Orange color stones on the other hand are very much intense and vibrant. Citrine and Sunstone stimulates your confidence and energy and help you to glow in full strength just like the mid-day sun.

The violet color stones like Amethyst offer a soothing and gentle effect. After a long day of work it can offer the exact kind of relaxing energy that you require. It can relieve you from stresses of daily life. Amethyst does not only provide you with sound sleep or relaxation, it balances the mind as well.

We have talked about only some of the stones, options are endless. You can consult a gemologist to learn the healing power of particular variety. However, most of them considered that intuition guided decision deliver best result.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anoop Agarwal a renowned Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner and a Vibration Gemstone Healing Therapist. He has graduated in gemmology with more than 36 years of extensive and proven record of assuring the highest quality and vibration on gems and healing crystals.