Why does it seem like infidelity is unfortunately, becoming more and more popular by the day? It feels like so many marriages are ending in divorce because men just can’t keep it in their pants. You want to believe that you are safe from what seems like this epidemic, but at the same time, you just can’t be too sure that that’s the case.

You want to believe that your husband is completely in love with you and that no other woman could ever capture his attention enough to tempt him to cheat, but at the same time, you have this haunting suspicion that something is going on and you are determined to get to the bottom of it.

You want to learn how to prove your husband is having an affair so you can learn the truth today. You are done playing the guessing game and it just isn’t fair to continue on like this. You deserve to know what is going on in your marriage and it is time you did just that.

In order to help you on your quest to learning the truth, you will need some advice and some things to look out for to know what is going on. There are signs that will help to guide you in the right direction to finding out what is truly happening when you aren’t around. Now, you will be able to corner him and really get the truth out.

So, to prove that your husband is in fact having an affair, here are the top 5 ways to catch a cheater in the act and to bust them red-handed once and for all.

#1 – He’s never home. When a man is cheating, it is hard for him to be around his wife because he is worried that he is going to fall into some sort of a vulnerable place and everything will be revealed. If he is never home, he is trying desperately to keep the secret hidden and perhaps, even sleeping around when he’s away from you. If your husband is never home, then you need to be suspicious of that.

#2 – You’re not intimate. If you and your husband haven’t slept together in a long time, then chances are, he is getting it from someone else. Men have this carnal need to spread their seed and if he isn’t’ getting sex from you, he will definitely be trying to get it from someone else. Yes, some men are able to be faithful and they do have the tendency to do that, but for the most part, men are savages and they want sex badly and all of the time.

#3 – He spends a lot more time with his friends. Married men tend to spend less and less time with their friends because life starts to take over when you are married and planning for the future. So if all of a sudden, he is seeing his friends every weekend or a few times a week, chances are he is actually with someone else. He just thinks this is an excuse that you will buy.

#4 – Go see him at work. If he says that he is working late, surprise him sweetly by visiting him to keep him company. Then, you can see if he is in fact at the office or not. If he isn’t, it’s a great way to bust him in the act.

#5 – Just ask him. It might sound stupid, but asking him if he is cheating on you can give you all of the information that you need and more. You can tell by a person’s reaction what is going on when you ask them about something that they might be hiding. If he is nervous that he is getting caught, he will lash out and turn things around on you. It’s just how we react to feeling like we are busted. We go down fighting.

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Suspecting that your spouse is cheating can leave you feeling confused and alone. You may not think adultery can impact your marriage, but it can. Many women have no idea that their husbands are being unfaithful. You can learn within the next few minutes how to catch your man cheating on you.

You need to know what’s going on in your marriage. If your husband is being unfaithful now is the time to learn the truth.