Many of the world’s religious and spiritually inclined adhere to the belief that evil forces exist. Then there are those who reject the idea.

In our experience, many individuals who doubt the existence of dark energies also reject the concepts of organized religion, God, and archangels.

The argument against the existence of evil goes something like this: Evil is an adjective, not a noun. People can be evil, but evil energy doesn’t exist outside of humans who perform evil acts.

It reads like something from a “how to strictly adhere to modern scientific thought” manual that discounts everything you can’t touch or see.

Certainly, people are capable of evil acts, and it’s next to impossible to provide physical evidence that evil forces exist. Your favorite broadcaster can’t interview evil forces, you won’t find them hanging out at your local park, and popular culture dictates evil as an individual force is mythology.

According to several on-line dictionaries, evil is both an adjective and noun. Based on our long-term metaphysical and everyday findings, we agree that demonic powers certainly do seem to exist.

We first became aware of negative forces during our college years through excess drinking. It doesn’t take the extremes portrayed in movies like the Exorcist to start acknowledging the possibility of demonic forces.

Our work with spiritual detox and depossession strongly suggests to us there is an abundance of dark energies on the other side, on the lower planes, including the following: negative essences; high and low level demonic entities; highly evolved diabolical masters; sinister energy alliances and colonies, and others.

Of course, we can’t prove any of this; it’s not possible to physically send you over to the other side temporarily to gather evidence. At the same time, when we use methods like Spiritual Detox to clear such negative energy, the incredible peaceful and uplifting feeling we experience afterwards tells us it’s much more than just imagination.

We’ve dedicated our lives to metaphysical practices that allow us to pierce the veil, and we believe it’s our duty to share our findings and to help people protect themselves from evil (and people who do evil).

Below we list ways to protect yourself from evil powers on the unseen dimensions.

1. Occasional excesses are part of the human experience, but overdoing it with drink or anything else (including sugar) on a regular basis opens your energy field up to sinister energies. All mind-altering and, or mood-enhancing drugs (both legal and illegal), favorite tools of dark energy, should be avoided at all costs.

2. Aligning yourself with demons (through black magic or other forms not of the Light), no matter how innocuous they are portrayed by spell-casters, and whether you intended to or not, puts you in danger of being corrupted by the dark side. Worse, doing so puts you at risk of endless enslavement once you leave this life.

3. A sure way to put yourself at risk is to maintain a hateful disposition. Anger, hate, envy and other negative emotions are a magnet for menacing forces. Generate as much forgiveness and compassion as possible to keep yourself safe. Of course, it’s natural to be disappointed, even angry sometimes, so make sure to express it constructively and avoid holding on to it.

4. Use your sexual energy wisely. Avoid having sex with those who maintain seriously bad habits or addictions. They are likely to be hosting disembodied souls or even demonic entities that may join you during your coupling and then stay with you. Use a Spiritual Detox script after sex if you suddenly feel off-center, depressed, or otherwise not yourself.

5. Take advantage of the help of archangels and other other-dimensional benevolent energies because they are happy to help. We understand the skepticism, because we were too, many years ago.

The feeling we get after doing a Spiritual Detox and, or protection prayer is amazing, especially after not having done one in a while. It’s a peaceful yet energized, live and let live feeling, like a huge undercurrent of relief, as if you really do get rid of menacing, invisible energy. We strongly recommend it.

Follow our advice above and you can protect yourself from heinous forces and entities in the spiritual realms.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms…” Ephesians 6:12-16

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