In winter, people always say it is an important chance for men to recover from prostatitis. But many men do not like sports, especially in cold weathers, which will easily lead to the aggravation of prostatitis diseases, mainly prostatitis. For men suffering from prostatitis, how to do health care in winter?

Common suggestions of prostatitis when winter is coming.

Patients with prostatitis don't like to move around in winter, so it is easy for them to sit for the whole day. But it is suggested that male friends should avoid being sedentary in daily life, no matter you are working or having a break. As this can make the perineum congestive, resulting in difficult urination. The best way to avoid being sedentary is to do more exercise. Physical exercise can not only make you warm, but also promote the blood circulation in the prostate gland, which can help to avoid congestion that can lead to the prostatitis.

You don't need to sweat, and just some moderate sports can be helpful, such as jogging, jumping, hula hoop, yoga and tai chi. When you are having workout, your body will need more water to promote the blood circulation. So it is necessary to drink more water in daily life, and warm water is always suggested. Don't drink cold stuff, which can put you at a risk of get a cold.

More water drinking means more urination. So it is necessary to urinate in time. In winter, you may be lazy about urination, especially at night. When you are crouching in the bed to keep warm, while a sense of urination comes, what would you do? Sometimes, you may hold back the urination due to the cold weather. But if you hold it too long and too often, this bad habit will give a chance for bacteria to flow back and stimulate your prostate gland, thus leading to prostatitis.

Therefore, don't be lazy due to the cold weather. Being diligent in exercising, drinking water and urinating will help you pull through the challenges in winter.

Besides, men should not drink or smoke, because these can make prostate and bladder congestive, cause edema and induce urinary retention. And they should avoid spicy and irritant food, otherwise it will cause hemorrhoids as well as constipation, and stimulate the prostate gland and aggravate urination difficulty, making prostatitis aggravated.

Men with prostatitis should pay attention to more vegetables and fresh fruits in normal times. These things can be helpful in controlling the condition of prostatitis. If you are facing severe prostatitis, mainly chronic bacterial prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be of great help, which has no side effects and can effectively improve the male urogenital system. It can fully treat chronic prostatitis after a long-term treatment.

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