This article is for people who are stressed over websites selling their personal data.

Are you concerned?

It is illegal for anyone to sell or give away your personal information. It's a violation of privacy.

Let's look at areas where your privacy can be affected.

Social Media

In 2018, Google+ had a social media site. After admitting to a data leak, Google+ folded.

There are advantages of using Facebook, but data security isn't one of them.

In 2019, Facebook admitted to selling users' personal data to a company called "Cambridge Analytica." This event is known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I know I was personally affected since I needed to reset my password since I was now locked out of Facebook.

There were more repercussions from the event. Have you heard of the MeWe social media site?

After Facebook admitted to selling users' data, MeWe rebranded. The site vows never to sell users' data. In fact, MeWe's tagline is #Not4Sale. They give such guarantees of keeping your privacy safe, MeWe calls itself the anti-Facebook.

More detailed information about MeWe can be found here in these MeWe reviews.

Let's say you meet an affiliate marketer who likes to promote affiliate links on Twitter, is it safe to purchase from him and give him your email address?

What if he needs your mailing address? Is it safe to give him your address? Perhaps you should invent a random zip code.

Wrapping Up: Solutions

The bottom line is, you should do what feels safe. Err on the side of caution.

For instance, before giving your personal information to a marketer, ask for a guarantee of privacy protection. Often, they have these in writing.

Regarding social media sites you might want to join, read reviews. If people are unhappy, they are quick to complain online.

Finally, use strong passwords no one can guess. Many websites provide password generators your browser will remember for you.

This post shared reasons you might have to be anxious about your privacy protection and solutions to how to ease your anxiety and give you peace of mind.

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