Eating healthy is a cornerstone of good health. If you want your child to stay fit and active and perform well, make sure that the little one does not develop an eating disorder. Most of the kids have a specific list of preferences, which they seldom ignore when it comes to choosing food items. But, more often than not, this list of preferences includes food items that are good to taste but not rich in nutrients. Most children love to consume chocolates, candies, cakes, chips, and other junk food, but they run away from cereals, fruits, and fresh vegetables that are full of nutrition. It is hence essential to make sure that children do not develop a biased choice, which may eventually turn into an eating disorder. The question here is how to do that? Don’t panic! Here, in this article below, we, at best international school in Noida, are sharing with you a few effective ways to keep your children from developing an eating disorder and ensure good nutrition and health for them.

Watch your attitude towards your own body

Being a parent, it is important for you to understand that the attitude you keep towards your body, casts a permanent impact on your child as well. If you are gaining weight recently and thinking of it as a menace, be sure of the height and body mass ratio imbalance at first before you declare yourself fat. Or else, your child will get inflicted by the same wrong idea of body mass and will stop eating adequate proportions, which might lead to alack of nutrition. Gaining weight is often healthy if the weight gain remains in proportion with the height and other parameters of the body. Hence, teach your children to judge the bodyweight scientifically and not by the prejudiced social standards.

Introduce exercising to your child’s daily regimen

Keep your child engaged in exercising sessions daily. If you can effectively implant the habit of exercising in your child, it is more likely that the little one would start enjoying the sessions and will learn to stay fit in the process. Exercising also improves body metabolism that will help the child in keeping up strength and energy. Make the kids understand that eating less to stay thin is not a healthy way to look towards life. Growth demands food and the same needs to be full of nutrition and adequate in quantity.

Help clear their doubts between ‘diet’ and ‘dieting’

Most of the people confuse diet with dieting. Hence, when you put the word on the table, be sure of its implications. If you are discussing nutrition with your child, make the little one aware of the necessity of nutrition, consumption of adequate food, and the vitality of a balanced diet. Parents must make the children aware of the difference between diet and dieting as often children misjudge their growth with extra pounds and stop eating adequate, which hampers their overall process of growth.

Timing is vital in ensuring wholesome nutrition

Besides the choice of food, the time of taking food is also an important part of wholesome nutrition. Food taken at regular intervals, in an adequate amount, is the key to good health. Children with fussy choice of food and long hours of meals tend to develop an eating disorder more frequently. Hence, make sure that your child is not skipping any meal and also not taking long hours to finish one meal.

We, at JP International School, positioned among the list of schools in Greater Noida, are extremely particular when it comes to the health and overallwell-being of our pupils. We believe diet is a vital part of growth, and hence due attention must be given to the same, especially during the childhood years. This is the reason why we have roped in an experienced nutritionist to help us serve a balanced diet to our young fledglings for lunch at school.

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We, at greater Noida best schools, promote healthy eating habits in our school and always strive to make our budding geniuses aware of the importance of having wholesome, nutritious meals. After all, our kids are our future, and who wouldn’t want their children to remain the strongest, the healthiest, and the happiest.