Being on A motorcycle is one of the most calming experiences ever but there are certain things that you need to be aware of to make your experience on your next motorcycle trip much more enjoyable. One of those topics is sound pollution. While road noises are nothing as irritating compared to human noises in A crowded office, but it can surely get loud. The constant humming noise of the tires beneath you, and vehicles blowing your horns on your ears can get irritating very quickly and also cause auditory health problems later down the line especially if you are an avid long-distance traveler and always find an excuse to hop on your motorcycle to explore new places.

We spoke to experienced riders and found out how they keep their listening powers intact even after thousands of miles of travelling on a motorcycle for years, and here they are for you!

Invest In A Good Motorcycle Helmet

Complete coverage of your head and ears is A good way to keep loud noises out of your eardrums. One way to do that is by purchasing A good quality motorcycle helmet with high standard building materials that come with well-padded cheekbone areas which provide A solid fit on your head and passively cancels external noise even in loud environments. if you have A loose-fitting helmet then there are chances that sound will leak into your eardrums no matter how much you try to avoid it. Ab big source of road noise is wind noise so by choosing A good quality helmet that has aerodynamic design you also ensure that wind noise is minimized and kept at comfortable levels even when you are riding at high speed on A highway.

Always Wear Ear Plugs

Ask any professional rider or somebody who loves to travel A lot frequently and they will tell you the importance of wearing your plugs while on the road. Ear plugs come in different options. You can easily find cheap and affordable options made of home which are of the use and throw kind, are you can choose to invest A little bit more and purchase silicon-based earplugs which are washable and you can use them for many years to come. The best option to prevent road noises from irritating you is by getting custom-designed ear plugs specially designed to fit your ear canal by an expert.

Take The Road Less Taken

No matter how much money you invest in protecting your years against loud noises, nothing will work if you consider sleep to travel through loud areas such as industrial locations or school districts where it is highly likely that people will create A lot of noise as A result of their daily activities. The same goes for choosing roads to your destinations. If you happen to pick A route that is known for high traffic, either commercial or private, then noises are unavoidable. That is why, it is important to plan ahead and find out all alternate routes that lead you to your destination and give you A silent and enjoyable experience while you are at it.

Choose Your Riding Times Wisely

Completely avoiding human establishments on the road to your destination is close to impossible. You will have to pass through villages and towns and people are going to be active in 13 time slots which you can avoid by planning your root properly. School and office timings are best avoided because that is when most of the people are on the roads leading to A lot of traffic jams and noise as well. Make it A point to get out of crowded human settlements before 8 A.M. And hit the highway much before people start stirring in their beds.

So, there you have it! Use these simple tips to keep your auditory prowess maintained well into your 80s and enjoy the rides without worrying about loud road noises. Just make sure to be aware of the ambient noises so that you can get out of the way of an oncoming car behind you!

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