As all of you know that China is one developing country with about 16 00000000 people totally.

For any company in the world, they want to share the market place in China with this huge consumers. In recent years more and more foreign companies want to establish business relationships with China. But do you know how to protect your business and how to avoid risk in China? Here I will explain some tips for all of you.

Firstly, protect your intellectual property in China.
As long as I know most of the companies have brands or even patents with years of development. The intellectual protection is one important part you need to consider because it is protected by regions. In different regions, there will be different policies.

In China, the brand registration is first to file registration policy, which means you need register the trademark first to get the trademark, if some guy registers your local trademark first and use it in commerce, you will lose it. So as you start your business the first day, you need to consider registering it in China unless you don't plan to do business in China.

China trademark registration is easy and not easy. You need to find one reliable attorney with certification from CNIPA. (CNIPA is short in China National Intellectual Property Administration)

If you find one great attorney all things will be very easy, you will save lots of time and risk in the future.

The total process will last about 12 months if nobody applies to object your trademark application.

In the registration process, you can use your mark on product packages or advertising campaigns.

For the fees, the government fee is about 50 USD, the service fees are different for different attorneys, it is about 300 to 500 USD.

So protecting your trademark by one legal attorney will help you save in China market.

Secondly, monitor the fake product in the market especially the online market.

We all know now the internet change our shopping experience, the same situation as in China. Now more and more guys go shopping online without going out. You need to find one agent to help you monitor your product followers who copy your products and sell online stores.

There are many platforms in China, such as Amazon, eBay,, Taobao and so on. Most of the young people go shopping online which makes a large number of sales growth. Your partner agent can help you monitor the fake products, test buy them from online stores and report to you. You can request one case with the fake samples to China's intellectual property court. The online seller will meet the big problem and pay you lost which they caused.

Lastly, find one partner as your business enters into China market.

One reliable partner will help you do a great job, especially in protecting your brand image. On the first day of your business starting, you need to consider to find one dealer in China, he or she helps you analyze the market situation, customers' hobby, favorite colors or styles. Once you have one partner in China, you will have enough proof that your products have been started in China market. You can win any cases in court even you meet problems in the future.

Doing business in China is not difficult actually. You need to understand the basic policies and laws. We are trying to help all our readers to get knowledge for doing business in China.
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