You may believe that a well-defined business which is capable of earning profits cannot be suspended. But that is not true when you are on Amazon. Most of the sellers are not aware of the business policies and how important these are to follow by the sellers. No matter how big or small you are, violating Amazon’s policies will surely lead you to the suspension of your selling privileges.

You can protect your business from getting suspended taking some preventive measurements. Most important of all is to understand the selling policies on Amazon. You will find many guidelines for Amazon’s sellers. Study them to understand clearly. Approaching the professional Amazon service providers is a very good idea. That is because Amazon changes its policies very often and it may become difficult for you to keep a track of the same. Keeping in touch with a service provider will keep you updated with all such developments and you can plan your actions accordingly.

Other than this, you should regularly monitor and control the performance of your business to protect it from getting suspended. Here are some guidelines to help you in doing so.

Do not deal in counterfeit products.
Select your vendors after thorough research on vendor reputation and authenticity.
Avoid listing the products that were not manufactured by the original copyright holders or the manufactures.
If there is any complaint about your products, immediately close the issue.
Keep on evaluating your metrics page, to find out if there are any potentially problematic products.
To stop the possible incompatible complaints, remove the product listing that is not performing well using the Product Performance tool.
Monitor your product performance list regularly, to identify if there is an issue and act accordingly to resolve it on time before they lead to a complaint.
You better remove all the listings that are not performing well.
Be sure that your product description is identical to the original products. On the e-commerce platform, product description plays a very important role. Create accurate product descriptions and product images that are compatible with real products.
Never neglect any comment or reviews on your product. Review them regularly to reply or act accordingly on time.
Evaluate the actual inventory regularly to make it sure that all the products, listed on Amazon, are authentic, compatible and exactly as per their description. Take care of checking the quality of each product before adding it to your inventory so that your buyer receives the good products.
Keep on working on your product packaging as well, to enhance it regularly.
Do not open a second account without prior permission from Amazon.
The performance of your business highly depends on how genuinely you conduct it. To be clear on each issue is absolutely your advantage only. Involve in all the activities of your business, watching the activities around you and closing the issues on time if there is any. Delaying in answering makes the situation complicated.
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