Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses in the online market. Many Blogger is making tons of money from affiliate marketing.

Today i will give you some strategies, that will help to bring more affiliate sales.

1. Only recommend the web hosts you use

Honesty is the must thing that you need to know when you are writing a review about any web host. Because it will help you to write comprehensively. It gives a creative edge over your competitor.

Make sure to try 2 or 3 web hosting services that you are primarily promoting on your website. You can also claim discounted affiliate links to increase sales.

Remember: Don’t promote affiliate products just for extra income.

By the way, you can promote Siteground. I’m using it for the last 4 months and I’m very satisfied with thier services. You can claim a demo account by mailing to Siteground email. You can even promote Siteground on Black Friday and make more commission. The reason, I told this because Black Friday is the best time to promote hosting.

2. Write unbiased web hosting reviews

Don’t be biased on any web hosting service, if you want to be good at affiliate marketing. If you are telling some disadvantages, with advantages, Because it's better then selling your soul. Not only that it will also increase trust towards your user.

So, Be Unbiased when writing reviews about any products. Be Honest And don’t be greedy.

3. Optimize your site

Website Optimization is one of the crucial tasks that you have to do, before promoting any product. Here are some tips to optimize your website.


Optimize it For Mobile:
DO A/B Testing:

1. Speed

Website speed is one of the most crucial elements for SEO. Better site speed leads to better user experience.

According to me, No Other, ON Page Elements matters more than site speed because this is the very first thing that the user is going to experience when he lands to the website.

For Example, A user lands on your website, and it takes 15 Seconds to loads. Then it makes, no sense to the user to stay there.

The second reason why your website needs to load quickly is, It can increase or decrease your conversion rate.

You can use a plugin called WP Rocket to give rocket touch to your website speed.

2. Optimize it For Mobile:

49.7 percent of web page views worldwide comes from mobile.then, how can you avoid mobile optimizing of your site. Most of the themes are mobile-friendly. If you didn’t have a mobile-friendly theme then you can use simply plugins like WP Touch to create a mobile-friendly site.

3. DO A/B Testing:

A/B Test your landing pages or your article. Because, when you do lots of A/B Testing. You will realize. Actually, What is going to be work in the world of Affiliate Marketing. So, be an A/B Tester and achieve maximum outcome.


If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer then, being updated with new tactics and strategies is very important. This is the only way to be successful in the world of affiliate marketing.

Author's Bio: 

Venkatesh Kumar is an internet marketer. He writes about making money blogging, Blogging tips and SEO techniques at and You can reach him at LinkedIn or Facebook.