These days, though people have ventured their lifestyles & considered enough healthy meals for the proper maintenance of the health, it is seen that most of the kids have registered suffering from the excessive gain in weight & obesity issues. This has been a risk factor which has enhanced innumerable problems for the proper well being of the health & has even initiated innumerable problems which include cardiovascular diseases, stress, lowering of self esteem & even diabetes. But why has such problems enhanced, let us find out:


There are many different reasons that summate the causes of the problems of unnecessary weight gain & obesity in children. These include hereditary factors, improper conductance of the physical activity, improper & inadequate consumption of the meals which mainly involves junk & oily food etc. these are some of the factors which stimulate the growth of the weight & intake of the unnecessary calories that summate the development of the weight.

These problems are generally not caused due to family history possessing issues of overweight. The diet as well as lack of physical exercises is some of the factors that enhance the problem of overweight & obesity & it should not be ignored as they are associated with more problems that adversely affect the life of the people.

Most of the children consume eateries that are rich sources of fats & sugar & these enhance the weight of the body.


1. High blood pressure or hypertension.
2. Problems associated with the bones.
3. Certain infections that affect the skin due to heat, infections caused due to fungal impact & also acne.
4. Diabetes.
5. It can also lead for the problems of the liver & summates its fattening.
6. This even causes respiratory problems since the consumption of unhealthy foods can lead for the clogging of the arterial walls & thereby leading to breathlessness during conducting certain physical activity.


1. Enhancement of a healthy lifestyle is essential & this includes proper consumption of the meals which help for the proper intake of the nutrients in the body & avoid fattening.
2. Consume more of fresh fruits & vegetables & it is essential for the proper conductance of the physical exercises that helps to burn the enough calories that are in taken while consuming the food.
3. Avoid chronic sitting in one place & encourage more of outdoor games as this will completely eradicate the fatigue & laziness in children.

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