Spine pain can be caused by trauma like an accident or a fall. However, in most cases, back pain is a result of an everyday activity not appropriately done. For instance, common activities such as twisting to reach or lift an object, sitting at a computer in the same position for extended periods, bending over for some household chores, or picking up shopping bags can all make your backache. Luckily, if you are experiencing spine pain in Holmdel, you can get effective treatment to alleviate it and improve your quality of life. Still, preventing back pain is not difficult and often requires making a few adjustments that should soon become second nature. The following are some practical tips for avoiding spine pain.

Regular exercise

One of the most significant things you can do to prevent spine pain is getting up and getting moving. However, you might wonder how exercise helps prevent spine pain. Well, muscles are meant to move. If you are not in good shape or your mobility is affected, you are more likely to hurt your back and feel pain even after simple movements such as lifting a luggage bag. Another reason why you should exercise regularly is that it keeps your weight down to avoid putting extra body mass on your spine.

Doing Yoga

Gentle yoga has shown some promise for spine pain. Yoga helps you position your body in set poses within specific intervals of time. It relaxes muscle tension, expands the range of motion in the joints while building muscle strength. However, while at yoga trying to prevent spine pain, beware not to push your muscles or joints too far too fast as it can cause injury. If you have a history of spine pain, you should be careful with yoga and probably talk to your doctor before starting.

Focus on maintaining good posture

Good posture can help you keep spine pain away. Try as much as possible not to slouch when standing and sitting. Likewise, sitting up straight with your back against the back of your chair and your feet flat on the floor is an excellent idea. While at it, try to keep your knees slightly higher than the hips. Posture also comes in how you stand. Preferably do it with your head up and shoulders back. Also, alternate between sitting and standing to ensure you do not remain in one position for too long.

Watch out for your sleeping position.

If you do not want to experience spine pain, talk with your doctor about the best sleeping position. For example, you may choose to sleep with your knees pulled up slightly toward your chest. However, if you love to sleep on your back, you can make sure you put one pillow under your knees and another one under your lower back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach since it puts more stress on your spine.

You can prevent spine pain with simple lifestyle changes. However, if you experience spine pain, do not ignore it. It could be an indication of something more serious that deserves the attention of an expert. Talk to your doctor to understand the best course of action.

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