Neck pain is responsible for 1/5 of worldwide disabilities. That being side it is definitely to your benefit to do what you can to prevent it.
Before we get into that, let’s get into the typical causes of neck pain. Traumas such as a car accident or concussion are of course common causes. But even more common are repetitive or our day to day behaviors which cause the problem. Poor posture is the biggest culprit, whether it’s when you’re sitting at your desk, on your cell phone, playing game boy or sleeping. Moreover this poor posture, weakens and causes stress to your neck and over time, if you should have the misfortune of suffering from some kind of neck trauma, like a car accident, odds are that you will suffer worse injuries and complications.
Here are some easy tips that you can begin today that will help to stabilize your neck and prevent pain and injury:
• Become more conscious of your posture, check in with your body and make sure that you head is directly over your shoulders.
• Invest in a good pillow that supports the natural curve in your neck. These pillows work both when you are on your back or on your side. I tell my patients it’s like wearing a brace for 6-8 hours. It should also be noted that you should never sleep on your stomach, for much the same reason: imagine you sleep on your stomach and turn you head to the right. Night after night. Month after month. Year after year. Over time you are going to have some permanent changes due to this prolonged posture, weather its arthritis or shortened muscles.
• ALWAYS USE A HEADSET. Whether you’re on a land line or a cell phone. Again cocking your head to one side will eventually lead to problems. A good headset is well worth the cost.
• If you have access to it, have your workstation evaluated by an ergonomics specialist. If you don’t have access to that, make sure your monitor is at eye level and directly in front of you.
• Avoid bad posture at home. Specifically reading in bed, working on a lap top, or playing with a game boy, all of these activities force head forward and remember you want your head directly over your ears.
• Take time throughout the day to gently stretch your neck and if you can afford it see a massage therapist periodically.
• Look into cervical traction. There are many easy and inexpensive home units which can really help, particularly if you are already experiencing pain and symptoms or if you notice that your head is leaning forward.

Most of us would like to have better posture, but the truth is that just standing up straight when we think about it is usually not enough. Posture needs to be subconscious and natural. If you are out of spinal alignment or if you’re supportive muscles are weak and deconditioned, just trying to stand up straight is not enough. A chiropractor can help you both with resorting proper alignment and with easy, at home exercises which can really make a difference to your posture.
Take on one or two of these suggestions at time and see if they begin to make a difference. If you’re not getting the results you desire, consult a professional.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Michone Ouellette is a licensed Mesa chiropractor practicing in the Mesa, AZ area for nine years. She specializes in the treatment of whiplash injuries, as well and neck and back pain relief care. Dr. Michone is a female chiropractor well versed in traditional chiropractic care as well as the use of instruments such as activator method and arthrastim. Chiropractic manipulation is also augmented with the use of exercise and massage.