I wanted to be able to prevent accidents because I suffered from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old, losing the friend who was next to me in the car. However, this was not a simple matter. I had to work very hard until I could finally understand what generates accidents and how they can be prevented.

I’m going to show you how I could find a sure way to prevent all accidents and how you can use this knowledge in order to protect yourself and your family.

I started studying the meaning of dreams because I understood that I needed psychotherapy. Besides my despair, I was very lucky because I found a lot more than just a neurosis and depression treatment by learning how to translate the meaning of my dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

The divine unconscious mind showed me how to prevent accidents and other misfortunes. I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience, which has a satanic origin and is totally absurd.

Nothing happens by chance on our planet. Accidents are not the result of negligence. They happen because the satanic energy of our anti-conscience manages to provoke tragic situations.

This means that you can prevent accidents when you eliminate the negative energy of your anti-conscience. You may doubt that tragic accidents while we are going from one place to another by car, by train, or by any other way are provoked by the satanic energy of our anti-conscience, in combination with the satanic energy of the anti-conscience of others. However, I observed this phenomenon happening into practice. It is true. I could prevent many accidents thanks to this knowledge.

The same way that there is a powerful and saintly God, there is also a powerful Satan into the wild side of the human conscience, which can provoke various destructions.

Everything you have heard about black magic and satanic powers is based on the anti-conscience’s negative energy. There are many mysteries that our scientists cannot explain.

All unexplained phenomena can be scientifically explained only now that we know that we have inherited a satanic primitive conscience, the anti-conscience, into the biggest part of our brain. The anti-conscience is a very dangerous and powerful monster, which has extraordinary powers.

Fortunately, we can completely eliminate our anti-conscience through dream translation, by following the unconscious guidance. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to find peace.

Everyone can learn how to eliminate their anti-conscience through dream therapy and prevent accidents. The unconscious mind shows to all dreamers in their dreams what could happen to them in the future if they wouldn’t follow the unconscious guidance.

Everyone learns what to do in order to prevent catastrophes or bad situations. Everyone understands that the dream predictions are true because they fit with many facts of their present reality and with all the information they have about a certain matter.

This means that the scientific method of dream interpretation gives you a key to another dimension. You learn how to prevent what is bad, and change the future development of your reality.

All accidents are provoked by the anti-conscience; even small ones. If you’ll cut your finger while cutting a piece of bread, if you’ll fall from the stairs, etc. this means that your anti-conscience managed to use its negative energy in order to provoke this accident while you were distracted.

If you constantly suffer from various small accidents, this means that you have a hidden suicidal tendency generated by your anti-conscience.

Be always very careful in your life. Besides following dream therapy so that you may completely eliminate your anti-conscience, never do anything in a hurry.

* Wait until you’ll be sure that you are safe when crossing the street,

* Be very cautious when you are leading with something dangerous like fire,

* Never do anything without paying attention to what you are doing,

* Never drive when you are tired,

* Always calculate the dangers you are exposed to before doing anything in your life. Never act without paying attention to all the negative possibilities that are threatening you in case you’ll fail.

In order to prevent accidents you must be very serious. You must be always afraid of traumatic experiences.

You should also be loyal to your religion. All religions were created by the same God in order to show us a different aspect of our spiritual reality. All religions work like psychotherapy and spiritual purification. At the same time, all religions give us protection against the satanic nature we have inherited, and against the satanic nature of the world.

Our ancestors used to be more cautious and believe in the existence of demons. However, our modern civilization is atheistic and materialistic.

Don’t be narrow-minded like those who refuse believing that there are forces that we ignore. Be always very cautious, and even superstitious. You had better be afraid of everything. If you are indifferent and immature, something bad can happen to you at any moment.

Your anti-conscience is always looking for opportunities to make you feel desperate because this way you’ll accept its absurd suggestions. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of your negligence in order to generate horrible situations. Then, the anti-conscience sends you many absurd ideas, taking advantage of your despair. It pretends that it is helping you solve your problems, while its suggestions will in fact imprison you into the labyrinth of craziness.

Don’t let your anti-conscience provoke small accidents because you don’t pay attention to what you are doing.

Be always very cautious and very serious. Wait for the right moment to cross the street even if you are late and you cannot waste a second. Never do something dangerous while you are distracted.

Keep a dream journal and translate the meaning of your dreams everyday. Dream warnings and predictions will provide you with true accident prevention. You’ll be able to always prevent what is bad and completely eliminate your wild nature.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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