If you are about to take on additional responsibility at work, including leaderships or administrative tasks, or planning to do so in the future, you may be wondering how best to prepare yourself. The options currently available to those rising in their professions are diverse and plentiful, so one of them is sure to fit your personality and unique situation.


Professional or Trade Associations
If you haven't already done so, you should consider joining the organization most closely associated with your field, such as a state bar association for the legal field or the American Library Association for librarians. These open the door to many learning experiences, including round tables and working groups on topics related to your workplace situation. Dues can be steep, but membership has its benefits too.

Networking and Engagement with Peers
If you don't want to join an association, consider tapping other professionals that you know who at your level or slightly above to form ad hoc groups or just exchange information informally. You may be surprised by the response you receive from like-minded individuals. Plus forming and maintaining such a group or network gives you real-world experience in a leadership role and increases your clout in the eyes of your peers.

Seminars and Workshops
These are available online or in the classroom on a variety of topics related to administration, including budgeting, finance, human resources, supervision, and management. Some may be offered for free, but higher quality seminars or webinars are generally not. They may be affordable, though. Your workplace may sponsor such courses in house or offer continuing education credit. Check with human resources to see what's available to you.

Specialized Degree in Business Administration or Management
For those who want the highest quality training in administration, a specialized degree may be the best solution. These days, such degrees are designed to fit the lifestyle and responsibilities of a full-time worker with options that include online coursework, lectures, and plenty of real-world projects and interactions. Specialized degrees, like those offered at Eastern Kentucky University online programs, offer a multitude of course components so that you can easily target your degree to match current and future needs. With many people opting for additional education, this move would also help you keep pace with or surpass your peers in terms of education-based job qualifications.

Preparing for the future is a sign of a good leader and potentially gifted administrator. If any of these options appeal to you, then don't hesitate! Start preparing now for the responsibilities about to come your way.

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