When they come to know about going to a doctor, most children fear the visit. Whether they are going for a routine checkup or a specialist for a problem, most children have an inherent fear of doctors. Almost every parent has gone through a child’s “We are not going to the doctor” phase. Children fear going to the child hospital in Gurgaon because of the separation with their parents, pain, or just an unknown fear. These reasons create stress not only to children but also their parents.

Why do kids worry visiting a doctor?

Kids have fear about few things that they tend to keep within themselves. Child care hospital Gurgaon explains few reasons behind this fear:

  • Separation with Parents-: Kids often fears that their parents will leave them in the exam room and wait in a different room. This creates a sense of fear in kids. But this fear is very common to children up to 7 years old but can happen to kids of any age group.
  • Pain- Kids often has misconception that the checkup process will hurt or cause pain to them. They often think that they’ll need to get a shot.
  • Doctor’s behavior- Many kids fear about doctor’s behavior. There can be chances that the kid misinterprets the doctor’s efficiency, speed as a rude behavior. This may create rejection in the eyes of the kid.
  • An unknown fear- Kids fear that their medical condition is worse than their parents telling them. There are few kids who fear that they may undergo a surgery or will be hospitalized. Some kids even fear that they may die.

How to prepare them?

Trying certain things can definitely help your child with his next doctor visit. Here is some tips on how to reduce fear from children on their visit to doctor.

  • Inform them what can happen if they don’t visit the doctor before it actually happens. Kids should know what exact treatment they will have to face during the visit.Fully fledged information will keep the kid mentally prepared.
  • You know your kid best so the kid should not be surprised by a sudden visit to a doctor. Take time preparing your kid for a visit to the doctor.
  • Keep your language simple according to the age of the child. Usage of word like ‘Medicine’ in place of ‘Shots’ can help the kid to get over the fear.
  • The most trusted technique is distraction. This helps in reducing patient’s anxiety. Distract your kid with their favorite toys or stuffed animals. Activities like coloring or reading can also help in distracting a child.

There is a pediatrics hospital in Gurgaon that will help you with all the trips and tricks to handle kids. Recommend mother care hospitals Gurgaon if someone you know needs such medical help.

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