AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a cloud based service which is provided by Amazon. It is a secured cloud service platform. It offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and many more which assists business growth. In short, it enables you to run web and application servers in the cloud to host dynamic websites. AWS is a market leader and therefore there is huge demand for AWS certified professionals. Though there are various certifications available in AWS, but today in this article we will be talking about AWS certified cloud practitioner certification exam and will provide few tips on how to prepare for this exam.

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam:

AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is a recent addition in the list and it is an entry level certification. The one who possess skills and knowledge that can reveal the complete sagacity of AWS cloud, must take up this exam. This certification enables one to acknowledge the AWS cloud concepts which validates that the candidate has the required skills and knowledge which are industry recognized. Also one of the advantages it offers is that, it is considered as a prerequisite alternative for Advanced Networking and Big Data Certification exam.

Criteria for Eligibility:

The below mentioned criteria must be fulfilled by the candidates to apply for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam:

1. The candidate should bring in at least 6 months of experience in AWS cloud concept.
2. Also should possess basic knowledge of IT services and its implementation in AWS Cloud Platform.

Pattern of Exam:

The exam pattern of AWS CCP certification includes two sections. The first section will be a multiple choice question in which there will be four options out of which only one option will be the right answer. The second section will be a multiple response question in this there can be more than one correct answer which means the candidates can select more than one option that they feel is the closest answer. If you want to end up choosing the right answers then it is very important to have a good understanding about AWS cloud concepts. Also note that candidates shouldn’t leave any question unanswered because that will be considered as incorrect but even if you answer a question incorrectly still it is ok as there is no negative marking.

Objective of Exam:

The objectives of this exam are mentioned below:

  • To provide knowledge on AWS Cloud and its basic infrastructure.
  • To explain in detail the concepts like account management, billing and pricing.
  • To throw light on AWS cloud values & on the basic principles of AWS cloud architecture.
  • To provide illustration on shared security model and security & compliance concepts.
  • To demonstrate the main features of operating and deploying in the AWS cloud.
  • Also to concede the major sources of technical assistance or documentation.
    • Exam Syllabus:

      There are four domains which are included in the syllabus of this certification. Let’s check out below each domain in detail.

      1. Cloud Concepts:

      If you want to pass out this certification with flying colors then you must possess some knowledge on Cloud Computing Concepts. It is important to have high-caliber on the cloud concepts like elasticity, Scalability, High Availability & Fault Tolerance. 28% of the exam content is from cloud concept domain.

      2. Security:

      Security is one of the key topics which you simply can’t miss on while preparing for this certification. Lots of questions are asked in the exam which is related to security, acquiescence, and culpable management. Other concepts which are covered in this domain are shared security model, cloud logs, DDos protection, IAM-managing users, password policies & MFA. 24 % of the exam content is from security domain.

      3. Technology:

      It is a very important domain as maximum questions asked are from this domain. If you want to expertise in this domain then you should possess knowledge about core AWS services. The AWS services which you should be aware about are EC2, RDS, SNS, ELB, S3, LAMBDA & ROUTE 53.

      4. Billing & Pricing:

      This certification places emphasis on the business application of AWS, therefore billing and pricing is a vital topic. One should have basic knowledge about billing and pricing like general account information, AWS support, how to bill certain services, how to calculate the cost of services & which tools to use. 12% of the exam content is from billing & pricing domain.

      How to Prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification?

      Only a good preparation can guarantee success in the examination. Same applies even for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. So without any further delay let’s quickly check out, how you should plan your preparation for this certification.

      1. Initiate your preparation with AWS Training Classes:

      I would recommend three AWS training course which will aid you in preparing at your best for this certification.

      AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Candidates, who are willing to gain a deep understanding of AWS Cloud, should go for this training course. The cloud concepts which are covered in this training are AWS services, pricing, architecture, security, and support.

      • AWS Technical Essentials: This training course will make you proficient in analyzing AWS services that will help you in finding solution for IT related issues. This course will explain you about AWS services, products & few ordinary solutions. By taking up this training course you will acquire new skills and you can implement the same for your business growth.
      • AWS Business Essentials: By the end of this training course you will learn about the various benefits of cloud computing & how adapting to cloud can help you to achieve business goals. This course throws light on security and compliance concepts and it will assist you in understanding AWS cloud computing approach.
        • 2. Go through AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Guide:

          Referring AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Guide is must if you want to know what are the important areas that you need to place emphasis on. This exam guide will provide you with the exam objectives summary along with the preparation instructions. The candidates must go through all this if they want to clear this certification exam.

          3. Get Familiar with the Subject Areas:

          Having a deep insight about the subject areas is of key importance while you are preparing for an exam. Above we have already described the exam pattern so review it properly post which you can start your preparation.

          4. AWS Whitepapers

          White papers have case based studies which are written with an objective to up skill the viewers and to speed up a specific methodology. AWS whitepapers are must to read as they provide information on various basic topics like security, architecture, and economics. Few recommended AWS whitepapers which you must read while preparing for this certification exam are Overview of AWS, How AWS Pricing Works, Maximizing Value with AWS, AWS Security Best Practices.

          5. Self-Study:

          This certification exam includes the basic concepts and knowledge of AWS Cloud. If you bring in some experience on AWS cloud platform, then self-study itself is good enough which will help you to pass this exam. If you have any doubts about certain concepts then online courses are available. AWS website itself offers lots of study material.

          6. Take Demo Practice Test

          Practice makes man perfect!!! Taking a demo test will not only give you a fair idea about how the exam will look like but it will also tell you where you stand. Hence, trying full-length practice tests will assist you in locating your weak areas and then accordingly you can work on them. Take up some practice through free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam as these tests contain actual exam structure and contents.

          7. Schedule the Exam and Get Certified

          Once you feel you are ready to take the exam enroll for the exam, choose the nearest testing center and just go for it. Simply follow the above mentioned steps for exam preparation and you will achieve success in this certification exam.

          All the very best!!!!

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