It doesn't matter if you're only competing in a local math competition, or participating in a regional, national, or even International competition.

 It is important to note, whatever competition you enter, that it is not the level of competition or the type of competition you join that is important, but rather the level of confidence you bring to the contest. 

Preparation in every competition is half the war won, the other half is implementation. The following tips will show you how and when to plan for a contest in competitive math so that you come out on top of the contest. 

How can you prepare for the math contest? 

Practice is the best way of preparing. To prepare for a math competition like gauss math contest that requires problem solving, there are no real shortcuts. 

If you are fortunate, you will find a group that helps a lot, as you often hear from others about different ways to solve a problem or parts of a problem. It is often beneficial to solve problems from older tests, and solving problems from Art of Problem Solving books can also greatly help. 

Practice Well

Have your teacher or professor ever heard you say that math is simply the practice? Well, that is real. It is possible to solve any problem or exercise assigned to you by your professor in any number of different ways, but the answer will always be the same.

The beauty of math is that certain formulas are used in all solutions, and these formulas are repeatable and testable.

As long as you know how to solve a particular question, if you follow the correct steps, you can finally arrive at the right answer. The majority of math issues are just a variant of one another. 

Work hard

Working as hard as you can is always good, it is absolutely vital that you get adequate rest a few weeks before the scheduled event or competition. wisdom suggests that several days of rest are necessary before any contest to revive the mind from the extreme burden it endured during the contest preparations. 

Take your time off to do some other things than worrying about the race. Give your friends a visit, watch a movie, enjoy a sport. Avoid focusing on the upcoming rivalry, whatever you do. 

Read an Out Question Loud

During math exams, everyone is expected to misread a question once or twice. This can lead to you losing out on a few points that, if you were a little more patient, you might have got. By reading the question out loud to yourself silently, you will prevent this common error. 

This way, like anyone else, you will stop losing vital bits of details that you might otherwise have missed if you skimmed over the issue. 

If you think you've fallen asleep because of the sheer amount of concentration you have expended while working on the test, reading out loud to yourself will also wake you up.

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