Most people that are thinking about a divorce worry about the outcome and the stress of the process. A divorce can be a frightening time in a person’s life. It is natural that many people don’t know what to do or how to go about the process of getting a divorce. People understand that a lawyer is needed and hiring divorce lawyer to protect you and your family’s interests is a good idea.
Before you start to stress and worry too much about the process, there are several items you should prepare for your first meeting with divorce attorney. Here is a simple guide that explains how to prepare for a divorce.
Feel Free to Ask Questions
Divorce attorneys know that this is a time of unease in your life. When you are talking with a potential attorney, you should ask questions freely about your divorce. You should not think that any question is not worth asking your attorney. The answer may seem simple when you are asking, but you might be surprised by the answers. Make a list of questions that are related to your divorce before entering your divorce attorney’s office.
Understand Divorce Court Rules
One thing that you should understand about divorce is the process and laws that surround a divorce case. In most cases, you will not be the first with a specific problem involved with your divorce. The more you understand the current state laws, the more you will understand how these laws may affect the outcome of your divorce. Understanding the laws can reduce stress during the process and help you through the divorce process. Your attorney will be well aware of the nuisances in the law. Your divorce attorney is the expert, and you should rely on his expertise.
Needed Information
Before entering into a divorce attorney’s office, you will need to prepare a folder or document with pertinent information related to your family. You will need to supply your attorney with legal names, social security numbers, birth certificates, a copy of your state issued identification card or driver’s license as well as a copy of your marriage certificate. Check with your attorney for a complete list of required documents. Have these documents readily available before meeting with your attorney.
Financial Responsibilities
When you visit your divorce attorney make sure that you bring all documents that relate to your income. These financial documents can be tax returns, paycheck stubs and financial accounts such as mutual funds or a simple bank statement. The more financial information you can supply your divorce attorney, in the beginning, the better.
Think About Custody of the Children
When there are children involved in a divorce proceeding one of the first items you think about is custody. Your attorney will explain several custody scenarios that may be part of the final divorce decree. Some of these scenarios will need to be answered by you while consulting with your lawyer. Questions you should ask yourself range from: Are the children better in a joint or sole custody situation? How many days will one parent oversee the children during a week, month or year? What holidays will be spent at one parent’s house as opposed to the other parent? These are important questions. In many cases, child support payments are geared towards custody as well as the financial stability of one person or the other.
Just like in anything, proper preparation is essential. Work together with your divorce attorney to prepare for your divorce. Contacting a divorce attorney should be on top of that list. Once you’ve obtained counsel follow through with these simple tasks to keep your life structured through the divorce process.

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