A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve the shape and appearance of breasts. A breast lift may be desired to lift one of your breasts if it is sagging more than the other breast. Lifting sagging breasts though this procedure can help increase confidence in your appearance and image. While a breast lift simply reshapes the appearance of your breasts, you will need a breast augmentation if you want to increase their size.

The effects of a breast lift are not permanent, however. If you become pregnant after getting a breast lift, your breasts may sag again. You may also have a hard time producing breast milk after a breast lift. The doctor at Denver Peak Plastic Surgery Center will explain to you the entire procedure so you are aware of both the benefits and side effects before making a decision. Women with smaller breasts not only get the best results after a breast lift, the effects often last longer in these women. Where larger breasts are heavier, they are more likely to sag again even after a breast lift.

Here is how you get ready for the breast lift procedure;

  1. Medical History

When you visit the doctor to discuss a breast lift, the doctor will explain the procedure, its benefits and risks, and possible outcomes. To prepare for a breast lift, you first visit a doctor who will take a thorough medical history. In the medical history, the doctor will try to find out whether you have underlying medical conditions that can affect the outcome of the procedure.

  1. Physical Examination

The doctor will also examine your breasts to find out whether you have lumps, tumors, or breast infections that may disqualify you from the breast lift procedure. The doctor will also check for the tone of your breasts. Having a good breast tone will help you have better outcomes after the procedure. The doctor may also take photos of your breasts before the procedure to compare results after the procedure.

  1. Discussing the Expectations

After the doctor has explained to you what the procedure entails, he/she will ask what you expect from the results. Having realistic expectations is one important qualification for the breast lift procedure. By having realistic expectations, you will better appreciate the outcomes of this procedure and be less likely to be disappointed.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

When considering a breast lift, it is important to change some habits. Quitting smoking is one of the things you will need to do before getting a breast lift, as smoking causes your blood vessels to narrow which reduces the blood supply to the surgical site. This then delays the healing of the wound. It is also important to manage your weight by doing regular exercise and eating a healthy diet since weight changes can affect the outcome of the breast lift procedure.

  1. Stop Taking Some Medications

If you are on medications like blood thinners, the doctor will advise you to stop taking them a few days before the procedure. This is because these medications may put you at risk of bleeding excessively during the surgery. Another preparation for a breast lift is to have someone drive you home after the procedure and help you during your recovery.

In summary, a breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape of your breasts. To prepare for this procedure, the doctor will take your medical history, do a physical examination, discuss your expectations, and advise you to make some lifestyle changes like quitting smoking.

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