Keeping a diet from the low cholesterol food list might not be enough. Low cholesterol foods are naturally tasty and flavorful. But we might have been used to preparing it the wrong way, just to improve taste or hasten the preparation. An effective low cholesterol diet plan should include healthy preparation, cooking and variation to ensure food enjoyment.

Here are some effective ways on how to reduce cholesterol in food preparation:

1. Eat Raw – Raw and fresh foods are the healthiest. Think of salads. Lean chicken meat with beans, tomatoes and nuts and a lot of salad greens is already a complete meal. Keep to healthy dressings like vinegar and olive oils.

2. Stay away from frying – Fishes are healthy but fried fish fillets dunked in Thousand Island dressing is not. There are many ways to prepare fish and keep its cholesterol level low. Grilled fish makes sumptuous dinners. You can also have them streamed, poached or smoked.

3. Cut the obvious – Can’t stay away from meat? Occasional meat in your low cholesterol diet plan is more good than bad. Just stay on the lean part and remove or trim all visible fats before cooking. Processed meat products like sausages, bacon, ham and hotdogs are your worst meat options, so stay away from them.

4. Healthier Soups – Hearty soups can be made healthier by cooking twice. Prepare your soup at least a day ahead, then refrigerate. This process will solidify the fat content. Remove the fats and heat before serving.

5. Substitute – Your low cholesterol food list should also include good substitutes for high cholesterol foods needed by the body. Diary products, aside from its high cholesterol content are also high calcium and protein needed by the body. Keep a list of good substitutes like skim or low fat milk, egg whites for whole eggs, nuts and fruits instead of chips and fries, brown rice for white rice, sweet potatoes instead of plain potatoes and peanut butter for butter.

6. Innovate, experiment – If you love muffins in the morning, try oatmeal muffins, if can’t stay away from burgers, try the vegetarian burgers. A lot of innovative foods and meal preparations are available to help you shift form your customary high cholesterol diet. Fish hotdogs and mushroom burgers are just some of them.

Here are some of the foods that shouldn’t be in your low cholesterol food list:

1. Animal innards – These are high cholesterol foods. Replace your liver spreads with healthier choices.

2. Sea foods – Lobster, crabs, shrimps, prawns and shellfish are all high cholesterol foods. Keep them in minimal.

3. Processed meat products – These are all high in bad fat and salt. All processed foods should be eliminated form your low cholesterol food list.

4. Diary products – Milk, cheeses and yogurts are high in saturated fats. Keep their low fat substitutes as they are also high in protein and calcium.

5. Poultry and eggs – Duck and goose meat are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. You can keep an occasional white chicken and turkey meat in your diet.

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