Do you find it fulfilling to get compliments from friends and family after preparing a sumptuous meal? Do you love to hear how your visitors liked the barbeque dish you prepared? Well, it really feels great when people who have tasted your dishes love it. You feel proud of yourself for being a wonderful cook and you might even want to share your recipe secret with others.

Good cooks will surely agree that an important factor in a mouthwatering dish is the distinct taste of the recipe. Recipes differ in the ingredients used and how each ingredient complements others. Quality, freshness and mixture of ingredients are essential to coming up with a great dish. Same thing can be said when preparing and cooking barbeque, you should be able to prepare a marinade that can make your meat taste more flavorful.

Preparing the perfect marinade for your barbeque or similar dishes is very important. Your marinade should have that distinct taste that makes everyone crave for more of your recipe. By making a tasty marinade, your simple dish will taste exceptional.

In marinating pork or other meat, it is important to mix the right herbs and spices depending on your taste and the meat you will soak on the marinade. You must know the time required to allow the meat to get soaked in the marinade in order for the flavor and taste of the spice to sink in. For read meat like lamb and beef, it is suggested that you marinate them overnight since these kinds of meat are tough and would take time for the flavor to sip inside the meat.

On the other hand, poultry meat such as chicken and turkey can do away with soaking for 2-3 hours. For sea foods, it takes about 1-2 hours before the seafood is ready for cooking. Thus, you can grill chicken and eat chicken barbeque in just few hours.

Remember that when grilling or regular cooking, it is not good to overcook the food because the food will dry up and the juices from the marinade will evaporate. The vitamins you get from the food will also be removed when heat is applied especially when the food is overcooked.

During the actual preparation of marinade, you should first get a shallow pan or bowl for mixing. A plastic container is also suggested to be used instead of metal containers because some ingredients like lemon or vinegar contains acid that reacts to metal and can produce unpleasant taste.

Some people think that putting holes on the meat is right but in reality the juice will come out from the holes thus making it dry and less flavorful. When grilling, make sure to turn the meat around from time to time. Never reuse the dish, bowl or utensils you already used in preparing the mixture because they might already be contaminated with bacteria or germs.

The herbs and spices you will add on your mixture will depend on your taste and the people you are cooking for. If you got kids, then lessen the pepper and any spicy flavoring so your kids will still like the food.

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