Wish your lead guitar playing made people feel intense emotion?

That’d be really cool, right?

Doing this requires practicing creativity.

(Yes, you really can practice and improve creativity.)
Fact is, practicing lead guitar creativity is one of the most fun things to do with your instrument.

Here are some effective approaches for practicing lead guitar playing creativity:

Approach #1: Practice Lead Guitar Techniques In Different Ways

Most guitar players only practice things separate from all their other skills. For example: learning how to play an arpeggio pattern by repeating it over and over to a metronome.

However, this is just ONE way to practice.

In addition to practicing things in isolation like this, use these two approaches:

Application: This means whatever you are learning, you use in a musical context as well (whether you have mastered it already or not).

Integration: This refers to integrating different guitar playing skills together with the one you are currently working on.

Approach #2: Schedule Guitar Practice Ahead Of Time

Scheduling your guitar practice in advance ensures that you don't waste time sitting down and trying to figure out what to practice during actual practice time.

This applies to creativity practice as well.

What can you practice for better creativity?

Some things include: guitar phrasing, improvisation or songwriting. Work with an experienced guitar teacher to learn how to practice these things and get the best results.

Approach #3: Learn Lessons From Your Favorite Guitarists

Learning guitar solos from some of your favorite players is a lot of fun and can really help you become more creative… when you know what to practice.

This doesn’t mean simply learning the notes/techniques of the solos.


It means using the solo to practice your lead guitar phrasing so you become a more creative player in the process.

This is very fun and easy to do.

Let me show you how it’s done – Become a more creative lead guitarist in one practice session by studying this creative guitar phrasing technique.

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Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and composer. He teaches guitar players from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. Learn more on the Tom Hess Wikipedia page.