How to Practice Self Care When You’re Too Busy

Are you short on time? Is your schedule always packed full? It can be difficult to practice self care when you don’t have time…but it’s not impossible.

When you want to add some more self care to your life but have an overwhelming schedule, it can feel hard to incorporate self care into your week let alone on a daily basis.

However, we often need self care the most when we are feeling busy and overwhelmed.

One of the most common barriers to self care for women is being busy or not having enough time to dedicate to themselves. So you definitely aren’t alone in that feeling.

However, by using these tips to practice self care when you’re short on time, you can add some more self care to your life without making your life even more jam packed than it already is.

This post is going to give you 7 tips to practice self care when you’re busy.

1. Find simple self care ideas that take less than 10 minutes

Short on time? It’s okay! Sure, a lot of self care ideas like going to the salon for a manicure may be time consuming. However, there are plenty of self care ideas you can do in a small amount of time.

For example, do a ten minute face mask or stretch your muscles for a few minutes. You could also make a cup of tea or listen to your favorite song.

You can also do self care at home to save some time. Rather than driving to a nail salon for a manicure, give yourself a manicure at home. It will still be relaxing and leave your nails looking great without the same time investment that driving to a salon for a professional manicure would require.

Use simple and at home self care ideas like these to make self care achievable, rather than overwhelming.

2. Plan for self care

Having trouble incorporating self care into your life? Put it into your daily schedule!

Put your self care activities into your calendar. By blocking out time for self care, you will be less likely to push it off or run out of time in your day.

Even if you are only allotting for ten minutes of self care per day, put it into your schedule to ensure you follow through even when life gets busy.

3. Seek balance

Often when we read about self care, articles talk about the millions of different ways we should be caring for ourselves…so it starts to feel like we should be doing all of the self care activities all of the time.
But that just isn’t realistic!

Choose one or two self care activities that you truly enjoy and positively impact your mental health. Maybe for you that’s exercise, a skin care routine, or journaling.
Whatever it is, having a small amount of manageable self care activities will be much less overwhelming than trying to add a ton of activities to your already crazy schedule.

4. Find self care ideas that excite you

Finding self care activities that are exciting to you is important, especially when you don’t have a lot of time. When you feel passionate towards self care, you’ll still look forward to your self care activities even when life gets hard or busy.

Self care shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel relaxing and exciting.

Don’t just do a self care activity because someone told you it’s healthy or a friend suggested it. Do a self care activity because it’s something you find exciting and believe it will fulfill your needs.

5. Build self care habits

Habits are a powerful tool because you do them without even thinking about it. Habits feel natural and make incorporating self care into your day easy, even when you’re short on time.

Building healthy self care habits will help you commit to self care when you’re busy.

The best way to build a self care habit is to consistently do that activity on a regular basis. Use another action as a trigger to complete the activity. For example, when you wake up you exercise or you have a cup of herbal tea right before bed.

Then over time, it will become a habit that you naturally do without thinking too much about it. That means when you feel overwhelmed, you won’t need to spend time thinking about what self care you’re going to do that day.

6. Multitask when possible

When life gets busy, sometimes self care might take some multitasking.

Waiting in line at the grocery store? Read a self improvement blog post on your phone.
Got plans with a friend? Suggest doing a face mask together.

Commuting to work? Listen to a podcast.
Fulfill your self care needs while still taking care of everything on your to-do list that day.

7. Be forgiving and patient with yourself

Lastly, when you’re trying to find time for self care in a busy schedule, it’s important to be forgiving with yourself.

If trying to add self care into your day is starting to feel stressful then stop and take a breath. That’s the opposite of how self care is supposed to make you feel.
No time in your day to hit the gym this morning? Too tired to write in your journal tonight? It’s okay! Just try again tomorrow.

Be forgiving with yourself throughout your self care journey. Be patient with yourself as you work towards your self care goals.

Those are the 7 ways to practice self care when you don’t have time.

It can be frustrating and stressful to feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself. However, finding time for self care doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
Use the tips in this post to engage in self care even when you are short on time in your busy schedule.

Comment below with your favorite self care idea that only takes ten minutes or less!

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