Online betting is loved for its convenience. You can literally bet from anywhere—even from the comfort of your own home. That’s of course provided you have a good (and secure) Wi-Fi connection, laptop or smart device & a little time on your hands.

But we can’t disregard the fact that online betting may come with some real monetary risks if you don’t practice extra caution.

In this article we’ll be giving you tips on how to practice safe online betting. Keep the following measures in mind to protect yourself and avoid being ripped-off.

Stick to Legitimate Betting Sites

Online betting is considered to be safe—for the most part. But the reality is that not every online betting site is honourable. Unfortunately, there are some shady online betting sites that operate unethically and prey on unsuspecting individuals.

To protect yourself from being scammed, we advise that you to stick to legitimate gambling sites. Thankfully there are countless safe online casinos Canada, America and the rest of the world have to offer.

So, how you can possibly tell if an online betting site is safe? Ask yourself the following questions.

Is the Site Licensed or Regulated?

Firstly, stay away from sites that aren’t licensed or regulated at all. Secondly, don’t be too quick to register on a site simply because it’s licensed. Research if the governing body is credible and reputable.

Has the Site Been Operating for a Long Time?

How long has the site been operating for? The length usually gives you an indication regarding its legitimacy. Simply put; the longer the site has been operating for—preferably a few years—the more trustworthy it is. Shady sites rarely operate for long because they fear being traced or shut down.

Does the Site Have Positive Feedback?

Go through the reviews posted on the site by past and current users. Obviously the more positive reviews the site has, the more credible it’s likely to be. However, you need to be wary of sites that have scored only 5-star ratings from EVERY single review. Some sites pay people to post fake ‘’positive” reviews.

Keep Your Personal Details Safe

Even if the site is legitimate, hacking can still occur. Hackers steal personal information off the internet including your banking details.

Using legitimate sites significantly reduces the risk of your personal information being stolen. Such sites usually use the latest in advanced encryption technology to protect their users. But this doesn’t warrant throwing caution to the wind. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from hackers by making sure of the following.

Installing Anti-Virus Software

Install anti-malware or anti-virus software on devices that you use to access online betting sites. Also make sure that you update them when prompted to do so.

Your Passwords Matter

Use strong passwords that aren’t easy to figure out. Ideally the password you use must at least contain an upper- and lower-case letter, a number & a character.

Even if you use a password that you consider unique or strong, make sure that you change it frequently. Also, try not to use the same password for different sites. Finally, don’t divulge your password to anyone.

Avoid Sending Banking Details Via Email

Don’t send your banking details via email. This increases the chances of your details being intercepted by hackers. Rather enter them directly onto the site where the platform is protected and encryption will keep the data safe.

Manage Your Gambling

Lastly, you want to manage your gambling. Because online betting is convenient and readily accessible, it’s easy to get carried away. Quite frankly, there’s a thin line between harmless and problem gambling. Before you know it, things can spiral out of control and you find yourself drowning in debt.

To protect yourself from possible gambling addiction, keep the following tips in mind.

Draw Up a Gambling Budget

Sure, this might sound unnecessary, but it’s the first step to controlling your gambling habits. Set aside the amount that you’ll use for gambling; be it weekly or monthly. But drafting a budget is the easy part—the hard part is sticking to it.

Take Advantage of Online Betting Limits

Most online gambling sites give you the option to set your own deposit limits. Use them. This will help you curb the temptation to overspend.

Final Words

Online gambling is meant to be fun and harmless. Incorporate the measures listed in this article to keep it that way and protect yourself from being scammed or cheated.

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