For almost 80 years woodworking is routers have been the way for shop owners and gurus to operate thoroughly. Generally used my stair and pattern makers, these tools are an essential way to hollow out, or rout out, a piece of wood. Unfortunately, in today's time the routers have been virtually replaced by the spindle router. However, some suppliers and manufacturers are trying to get their best wood router back on the market and in favorable taste.

This campaign is putting some pretty good router sets on the market and should be consider by shop owners and woodworkers alike. Wood router combo sets are a great way to save money and utilize the use of your woodworking tools as well. These combo sets are equipped with your power router motor, and also a fixed and a plunge base. This will allow the router user to use their tool handheld or by attaching it to a fixed table or surface. Manufacturers like Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, and Hitachi all put out great combo sets that will be great for the new or advance woodworker.

If you are looking for advanced and high quality woodworking routers, the Festool line may be right for you. This line includes modular and plunge routers as well as circular saws, sanders and planers. Wood routers and other tools are a great way to expand your tool collection and get you working on more and more projects.

In fact the entire Festool line is made to connect to a dust extractor as well! However, most people who purchase this line of tools will warn you that they are extremely addicting. Depending on your level of woodworking ability this could be a good or bad thing. Festool charges about three times as much than other similar products on the market, but surprisingly they have a huge following of woodworking enthusiast who only by their products.

If affording the Festool line is not in your budget, there are many other suppliers and manufacturers to choose from. Triton and Hitachi offer many combo sets and individual routers to fit your personal and individual needs. Always do your shopping and research when it comes to purchasing these tools.

Wood router reviews are also a great way to find the best and quality woodworking tools that fit in your budget. Doing thorough and proper research will make you more confident in your buying decision.

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