How To Play Killer Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Most guitarists have no idea how to transform their sloppy arpeggios into fast, clean sweep picking licks. I struggled with this, years ago, too. Playing
clean arpeggios is one of the most common guitar technique problems I see with the guitar students that I teach.

After helping thousands of guitar students get big results, I've discovered that there are 2 ways that guitarists can approach improving their arpeggio
technique. The first way will set you up for sloppy guitar playing and unlimited frustration at your lack of improvement. The second way will allow you to
improve your technique much faster and you will enjoy the practicing process a lot more.

Choose Your Approach

Guitar Practice Approach 1:
When your arpeggio playing isn't sounding the way you want it to, your instinct says that, to improve, you need to practice more or different sweep picking guitar licks. The problem here is that more practice isn't what you need. By
doing this you are ignoring the fundamental problems with your technique and simply playing a lot of different arpeggios poorly. This only takes your mind
away from the REAL problems with your guitar playing. This approach will never fix
your technical problems.

Guitar Practice Approach 2:
If you want to make your sweep picking arpeggios cleaner and faster, then you need to take the arpeggio you are working on now and make it its OWN
exercise. By doing this you will be able to expose where your exact problems lie (down to the note) and figure out WHY you aren't playing as fast or clean
as you should. This will benefit your guitar playing in 2 ways:

· By correctly identifying and fixing fundamental problems with your guitar technique in this first exercise, you will see vast improvements in your
technique (speed and clarity) in ALL of the arpeggios you practice in the future.

· As a bonus to using this new approach, many of your exercises will often sound VERY creative and unique. This will help you improve your guitar solos
with new sweep picking arpeggio licks.

Watch this video about how to clean up your arpeggio playing to see one of the many possible examples of how to implement this second approach to your
guitar practice.

Here is the tab for this arpeggio lesson using 5 strings.

How To Use These Ideas In Your Guitar Practice To Make You A Better Guitar Player:

It's important for you to understand that the lesson for you here is NOT the arpeggio exercise itself and NOT the concept of playing your arpeggio notes
with tremolo (as in the above video). The lesson here is that you need to get in the right mindset so you can better approach solving the problems in ALL
areas of your guitar technique:

1. The problems and mistakes in your guitar playing always have a cause. They are never just random. These causes can be identified (and must).
Then you must isolate and fix them. You should NEVER settle for or accept careless guitar playing.

2. Searching for more guitar exercises will not be the answer to all of your technique problems. Instead, you should understand exactly where your
weaknesses lie in your current exercise. This will help you to see which parts of your technique need to be improved thus helping EVERYTHING you
play be faster and cleaner.

3. Creatively modifying your exercises (even the most boring ones) will help you to create great sounding licks while also fixing your guitar technique problems.

The arpeggio exercise that I demonstrated in the video is simply ONE (of many thousands) examples of how to improve your sweep picking and overall guitar
technique so you can be faster, cleaner and more accurate. For more strategies on how to be a better guitar player while cutting your practice time down,
check out how to increase your guitar speed exponentially.

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Tom Hess is a professional guitar teacher, composer, and recording artist. He teaches online rock guitar lessons to guitarists from all over the world. Visit his website to read more guitar playing articles.