From the best perspective (First Person Shooter), the Free Fire survival shooter series is one of the games that are the second most successful mobile game today. Many later released games also follow the same survival style with many players, but Free Fire still retains its charm.

Originally a series of games on mobile phones, but many gamers sought to download Free Fire on PC to experience easier and have a better overview on mobile.

When it comes to playing mobile games on PC, it is almost always the same to support players with the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator that has now been renamed GameLoop. As well as on the PUBG Mobile game on the PC I have introduced through.

With a new version called GameLoop, there are two ways to install a mobile game line on a PC, but Free Fire is no exception. In the article, ThaoTruong will introduce you to both ways.

Manually install Free Fire on the computer using GameLoop.

First, you go to the address: then proceed to Download the emulator software as shown below.

In general, this software is quite heavy, so the Download is fast or slow depending on your computer and the speed of the internet you are using.

After downloading, install the GameLoop software that I just downloaded.

After the installation is complete, you proceed to open the software and select the search item "Free Fire," and scroll down to select that game.

Now, select Install to begin the process of installing Free Fire into the software on your computer.

This installation process is fast or slow; it depends quite a lot on the current computer configuration and the current network speed that you are using.

After the installation is complete, proceed to the game and Login to the game in many different ways.

After Login your account, now we only proceed to play the game.

Install Free Fire on your computer using the installation package available on GameLoop

In addition to the manual installation as above, we can install the package for each different game type, as shown below. But on the website I sent above, you just need to scroll down to see the installation as shown.

Now, just click on the word Download and Download. Then, proceed to install it on your PC only.

The keyboard mechanism when playing Free Fire on Windows

• - W, A, S, D: Move
• - Left mouse: Shoot, hit
• - Right mouse button: Aim and shoot
• - Space: Jump, climb
• - F: Interaction
• - C: Sit
• - Z: Lying
• – Alt: Free Look
• - Shift: Run fast
• - 1, 2, 3: Guns and weapons
• - 4, 5, 6: Grenades of all kinds
• - 7, 8, 9, 0: Heal item
• - F1: Show controls
• ~: Show mouse

The Download, install, and play of Free Fire on your PC make you experience the game easier and observe better than playing Free Fire on mobile phones. Thereby also limit the phone damage due to playing Free Fire too much.

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Play Free Fire on GameLoop emulator: Step by step guide and tips.