How to Plan Wedding During a Pandemic?

In the first round of COVID wedding drama, couples had unintentionally arranged their weddings during a pandemic, when big, indoor gatherings had a high risk of spreading a deadly disease. Many people downsized or rescheduled their weddings, often for months or even a year later. No one imagined that a year after the coronavirus pandemic, we'd all be operating from home and wearing masks. Later in 2020 or 2021 seemed to be a safe bet. However, with vaccines being implemented much too slowly and cases and deaths continuing to grow significantly, it's difficult to predict when the World will reach the end of this process.

An intimate wedding with a small number of friends and relatives (as per government regulations), as well as unlimited blessings and good wishes, is just what a wedding needs to be unforgettable. Apart from that, the following are some of the other requirements for a perfect wedding in this pandemic:

Prepare a guest list

Rearranging the guest list is one of the most difficult aspects of re-planning the wedding during the pandemic. To begin, couples should consider serving their wedding meals in bento boxes with personal utensils that have been pre-packaged along with water bottle with customized labels. Couples must be prepared to let some people go because the government has set some rules about wedding receptions. Sure, this move may seem harsh, but there aren't any better options.

Working out on the venue

Not only that, but an outdoor wedding will give your special day a relaxed and intimate feel. Since city dwellers already spend a significant amount of time inside an office cubicle or other enclosed spaces, young couples are increasingly gravitating toward the idea of throwing a party outside of the home. This is most likely one of the reasons for the huge increase in popularity of outdoor weddings in recent years.

Getting the food right

It's best to serve light snacks or desserts in individual bite-size portions. If couples choose to keep the traditional buffet-style lunch or dinner, they must make sure there are qualified staff on hand to assist any guests' needs. Serving drinks and water in customized wine bottle with labels and stickers will look good and will also be safe for everyone attending the wedding.

Keep the health protocol as a priority

Without a comprehensive health protocol system, your wedding preparations during the pandemic are nowhere near complete. After the start of the new normal era in Indonesia, the government has begun to issue permits to couples who wish to hold small wedding receptions. However, there are certain strict guidelines that must be followed.

You may, for example, provide additional details about your party's health protocol regulations. Send your guests an email or text message informing them of the safety precautions you will take to ensure their safety.

Give your guests the live streaming advantage

While we would like to invite all of our closest friends and relatives to our special day, it is preferable to take precautions for everyone's safety during a pandemic. Thankfully, we live in a world where technology allows us to link everything. Many couples nowadays want to live stream their weddings using Instagram Live, Skype, or Zoom. You can share your joy with friends and relatives who are unable to attend your party by using this simple form.


Many aspects have changed in our everyday lives since the Covid-19 outbreak at the start of 2020. We can no longer go outside without a mask, and we bring hand sanitizer in our bags almost every day.

This has an effect on how we view traditional social events like family get-togethers and hanging out with friends. However, one of the most significant improvements we've likely seen is our perception of large social events such as weddings.

Prior to the pandemic, a wedding was seen as a beautiful celebration in which all of your loved ones gathered in one place on one day to commemorate a once in a lifetime occasion. When we receive a wedding invitation these days, we can't help but feel nervous.

There are a few things that couples planning wedding receptions during the pandemic should keep in mind. This will not only help you have a stress-free gathering, but it will also give your guests peace of mind about their safety. There are some suggestions we've put together for you.

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