Face to face meetings are much planned ahead and well taken care of every aspect to avoid pitfalls. The same planning applies to meetings or conferences on line. When a two way interactive video session is conducted, identifying right audience, setting up appropriate objectives for fruitful results of the conference and making use of evaluation tools is the same necessary as in the face to face meeting. While presenting in a face to face environment the speaker gives much importance to be connected to audience and every second strives to keep the meeting interactive and lively with the audience. Connectivity and lively meeting is all the same essential in an on line meeting also but achieveing it becomes difficult as it requires additonal attention towards technical aspects of video conferencing which the members do not have control over.

Keeping the required technical staff who can handle problems spontaneously is most required. For smooth execution of the conference meeting tasks can be categorised into the following tasks for easy assignment to people differently in special conferences:

Program coordination

Event coordination


Site technology coordination

Program Co ordination:

If the team members are located at far of locations a strategy should be enforced for interacting with the team members regarding the meeting agenda , last minute amendments, inclusion or unavailabily of a team member just before the meeting. Keeping informed to the targeted audience is most important, it should not be taken as granted that people take initiave to attend the meeting, though they decide to come, many get struck up with their own agenda and tend to forget and regret for missing the session. So sending reminders to them people of the particular nitch helps in reaching the audience who really don't want to miss the program.

Event Coordination: If a common video conferencing location is assigned to the surrounding branches, a person who is much aware of the location should take the responsibility of facilitating the members joining the meeting. Some important reposibilities would be:

Identifying a board room which would is feasible for the management and accessible for the members to reach with little traveling.
Look through the technical arrangements of the board room which are required for the meeting.
Keeping in touch with the coordinator of the location in case of any urgent requirement during the meeting. Ensure that the coordinator is available till the meeting is over, so that any hinderances can be handled quickly.

Registration : Keeping the registration panel ready for the attendees to register if they have not done in advance, providing the members with scribbling pads and pens, if they are more comfortable in noting down the highlights during the Video conferencing session.

Technology Coordinator: Many people coming from diversified background use video conferencing software as a online conferencing tool. All of them many not be comfortable in using technology, a trained personel should be availble to help members in using the technology so that they do not feel uncomfortable with the technology.

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The author Shelly Desuza is working with Peoplelink Corporate Solutions Pvt ltd, facilitates Desktop Video Conferencing also provides audio conferencing phones and multimedia products.