Wedding Planning in the right way can leave you absolutely stress free and you can sleep peacefully on the night prior to the wedding. It is extremely essential for you to rest well and look fresh on your special day. You should be able to enjoy the day and cherish it all your life.

Planning and budgeting of your wedding is of utmost importance. Take a look at your saving and decide how much you would want to spend on your wedding apart from all the major expenses you would have in your lifetime. Make sure you spare enough savings for your future responsibilities although you know you would earn more money later. There is no point to spend lavishly on your wedding and empty your bank accounts as this would lead to stress and relationship issues. Your wedding should be such that you should be able to help out people to plan their weddings in future.

Any modern wedding budget generally goes up to $20000. It is not necessary that you also spend that much. Decent wedding if planned well can happen even in $2000-$3000. Plan a budget for every activity that you would want to spend on; for instance, your invitation cards, song lists, wedding gown, bridesmaids’ attires, groom’s attire, groomsmen’s attire, reception attire, wedding rings and jewelry, shoes, cosmetics and skin care products, new apparel and innerwear, flowers and decorations, guest lists, gifts, centerpieces, hall booking, food and catering, honeymoon bookings, video and photography, wedding cakes and many other minute aspects.
Honeymoon packages are quite expensive and need to be planned and booked well in advance considering your budgets and your choice of destination.

If you book a wedding planner, discuss all these aspects along with the budgets with him or her. Let him or her know your and your partner’s likes, dislikes and priorities. Apart from the wedding planner discuss it with your close friends, parents, a close relative or anyone you are comfortable with. Their experience might just help you plan your wedding better. Be practical when it comes to budgets although wedding and relationships deal a lot with your emotions.

Ideally, start planning at least 3-6 months before the wedding date. It is important to write down every minute detail of your wedding plan as you are likely to forget something at the last moment. Professional wedding planners help you with plenty of tips and take some tasks off your shoulders. However, you need to be actively involved in all the aspects of planning.

Your wedding planning does not quite end after the wedding day. You need to set right the new home, send thank you messages to the guests and more so clean your wedding dress to keep it neat and safe in the wardrobe. These small things are essential because they form the pleasant memories at a later stage in your life.

Start planning from the moment you and your partner decide to marry because it is like the famous dialogue in When Harry met Sally. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest your life to start as soon as possible.
However, all said and done, the key is to be happy and together for a lifetime and that your wedding memories should bring a smile on your face.

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I am Sophia Joseph. I am wedding Planner. I ahve organised many weddings like cheap wedding, winter wedding and much more. Now Ia m sharing my expercience of how to plan a wedding.