Here are a couple of ideas to start your creative juices flowing for planning dates:

• Watch a romantic movie. Grab a blanket and snuggle on the couch with a dvd she’s been dying to see. Or pull out an old favorite that has special significance. It doesn’t matter if it is a drama with subtitles or is an action adventure. As long as it is chosen with her taste in mind, it can set off a perfect romantic evening.

• Cook a romantic dinner. This old standard will never go out of style. Plan a simple menu with foods your spouse enjoys. Now is not the moment to experiment with a new recipe. Include an appetizer and a light dessert to complete the picture.

• Have game night for two. Stay in on Saturday night and laugh and bond over a game of scrabble. Have a bottle of her favorite label on hand and use the good wine glasses. Share a relaxed, quiet evening at home and you never know how the night will end.

• Use your environment. Clear a spot in the living room, put on a cd and ask your date to dance. While you are entwined in each other’s arms whisper something sweet in her ear. Dust off the fireplace and light a fire. The soft flames, champagne, a blanket and cushions on the floor are very intimate. Or you can light candles around the hot tub or swim in your pool by moonlight. The point is to use what is already there, and create an experience, even if it means putting her hand in yours and embarking on an evening stroll.

Planning a Romantic Date Out

• Take advantage of what your city has to offer. Even if you live somewhere your whole life, there is bound to be something new to explore. Pick up a visitor’s guide and see the city from the perspective of a tourist. Read the local arts weekly for concerts, afternoon theater performances, museum and gallery special events. Discovering new things together encourages excitement and togetherness. Just the spark needed for a great romance.

• Enjoy the view. Contemplating the world around her with the man she loves creates an intimate, romantic atmosphere. Find a beautiful place, where you can find the skyline, plains, mountains, or beach. Grab a pizza and a bottle of wine and commune with nature as you stare into each others eyes. She will know for certain romance is alive and well.

• Plan an impromptu date. Dress in your best and surprise her at her job. Take your lady to lunch and watch her and every woman in the building swoon.

• Explore memory lane. Take her to a place significant to the two of you. The quaint Chinese eatery you used to take her to in college, or visit the park bench where you had your first kiss. The place you pick does not have to be elaborate. The special place will make her feel special, and that is a sign of true romance.

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