If You are dreaming of becoming one of the best destination wedding planners in India, then you have to put in a lot of planning, effort and dedication to succeed in your chosen profession. In this article we have provided you some of the steps that you need to follow to do great at your job and provide high quality service to your customers to become one of the top wedding planners in Delhi.
1). Research: One of the common things that binds the best destination wedding planners in India is the amount of planning and research to put on in each of their projects. If the wedding is to be organised in some other country or state, then Google is your best friend to take some of your load off. You can research about any marriage hall and hotel rooms available in that place and compare their prices. Book the services of transport agency, florist, caterers, decorator and others online.
2). Visit the place: Doing everything online is not enough, you have to visit the place personally and see to it that all the things are organised as per your instructions. Personal supervision will also help you to sort out any problems that may crop up to organise this important event.
3). Delegate some tasks: It is very difficult to do everything on your own and you need to delegate some of the tasks with your assistant. It would be a great idea to make sure that either you or your assistant remains in the place where the wedding ceremony is to be organised and the other stay in the place where the wedding party resides. In this way, you will be able to look at both the place and coordinate your effort in a more organised way.
4). Send the invitations in advance: Destination weddings are usually spread over several days for which the guests are to be informed well in advance so that they can schedule their itinerary accordingly. Coordinate with the wedding party and make a list of all the guests to which invitations are to be sent, so that no one misses out.
5). Book the tickets in advance: If the wedding party is paying for the transportation cost of the guests (bus, train or airfare), then book the seats in advance.
6). From the wedding party ask for a list of people for whom hotel rooms need to be booked and then find a good hotel near the wedding venue (some hotel comes with big halls to organise wedding ceremonies).
7). Return journey: You need to book the return passage of the wedding party also so that all the guests reach back to their home safely.

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