What better way to explore the Philippines on a low budget than doing it on a motorcycle? Cars are arguably safer than a motorcycle because it covers the rider from the elements of nature, as well as other dangers on the road, but the expense of doing it in a 4-Wheeler is several times more compared to riding or two-wheeler across the country. With that in mind here are a few fundamental things that you need to know before planning a cross country motorcycle tour of the Philippines.

Research the destination in advance

Take your time and find everything that you need to know about the destination country, as well as the states, towns & cities along the way that you plan to cross during the trip. It might take you more than a month to gather all the necessary information. A good idea to get real user experiences yes to talk to other motorcyclists who have done a similar journey before. You can also find relevant information on online forums and traveler information boards on the Internet. If you are a part of a motorcycle riding group, considered discussing your plans with a few of the members and find out what they know, because you never know how much value a discussion can add to your plans. Keep an open mind and take a note of every relevant information without presenting your own opinion because that often put start a person off, and they might become reluctant to share their own personal experiences with you.

Plan your finances well

money is your best friend whenever crossing across unknown towns and cities. It is a smart idea to make a broad estimate of your overall expenses that you anticipate after talking to people about your plans. Many experience riders keep 30% of their overall travel budget as an emergency fund and they do not use it as long as there is a real emergency. Find out how you can save more money during a trip. A few common recommendations that we have is to eat where the locals eat rather than visiting an upscale restaurant in a tourist hotspot. Save your money by not buying a lot of gifts for people back home. Ride the motorcycle frugally so that you get the best mileage out of it, which will save you a lot of money in fuel expenses. Do not waste your money in costly hotel rooms, and plan your accommodations in advance which gives you the opportunity to grab good deals.

Learn about all the laws and safety regulations

Many people in the Philippines ride without helmets, or in sandals! While you might get away doing that in a local place, there is a higher chance of being pulled over by policeman if you do not follow all the relevant safety laws and regulations while going on a cross country tour of the Philippines. Carrying luggage on the pillion seat might also be a bad idea, and might not be allowed in certain places in the Philippines. Invest in a motorcycle luggage box, top box and a fuel tank bag to keep all your luggage safe and secure without violating any road safety regulation.

Don't compromise on your personal safety

Always take your personal safety seriously. Carry pepper spray and other personal safety equipment such as a loud whistle, bright torchlight and multipurpose multi tool with knife and screw drivers all built into one. This will help you with small repair jobs and also can be used to fend off miscreants if the need arises. Note down all the emergency service phone numbers and keep them handy so that you can easily call them in the event of a mishap or to report a theft. While interacting with local people in other cities and towns throughout the Philippines, keep an open mind but always be prepared for the possibility of being cheated and duped. While eating at any restaurant, make sure to follow all the proper personal hygiene best practices and sanitize your hand before eating anything. It is also a good idea to wear a face mask underneath the motorcycle helmet just for additional safety. If there are any other post-pandemic safety regulations and social-distancing norms put in place by the government in the Philippines, be sure to follow them without fail.

Find someone to accompany you

The joy of motorcycling is best experienced solo, but when it comes to driving very long distances you may want to consider having a companion with you. Many people feel that sharing the experiences of a motorcycle ride makes them even more enjoyable. If you are planning to carry somebody on the pillion seat, take some time to invest in a good quality pillion seat along with a backrest to keep the pillion rider comfortable. Instead of taking somebody as a pillion rider, we strongly recommend that you have another motorcyclist accompany you in his or her own motorcycle. Find out if the motorcycle your companion intends to use is compatible with your own machine in terms of power and performance so that there isn't a huge gap between the two of you when you start riding on the highway. In addition to the power of the motorcycle, the experience of your companion is also crucial because you can't be teaching them basic route safety laws and regulations when you have to focus on riding safely!

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