Nothing transforms the state of being single into an open wound on a woman’s heart like a wedding.

A woman can easily fall into a romantic bubble where her desire and need for a man in her life becomes the uppermost thing on her mind, as she watches her friend walk down the aisle in a beautiful fairy tale gown to begin a lifetime of marital bliss with the love of her life.

As if that doesn’t make her vulnerable enough, she might have a few drinks under her belt by the end of the night, and all of your guys are dressed as princely heroes.

Far be it from any good man to take advantage of such a situation, but a lot of you gentlemen might actually share some of the hopeful drama of someone else’s wedding day.

It’s a great time to ride the mojo of the wedding experience and find a princess of your own, whether you’re looking for a princess bride or a short-term romance.

Use these tips to meet one of the lovely ladies next time you attend a wedding.

1. Attend all three parts of the event.

Most weddings consist of a ceremony, a dinner and a dance.

A lot guys prefer to skip the ceremony and go to the reception or just the dance party afterward. Big mistake.

If you want her to see you as part of the event, you have to put in the groundwork.

Women all want to experience the entire fairy tale, which might begin with the red carpet arrivals and limousines, or perhaps with a look at the church or wedding venue to see all the flowers and decorations.

The ladies spend hours getting dressed, doing their makeup and curling their hair for the event.

They will be looking for ideas for their own weddings, and the big deal to them is the wedding itself.

They want to see the gown and the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle, and they want to feel her excitement. You get the idea.

The ladies will be there early with their eyes wide open, taking in all of the sights, smells and energy of the occasion. You should be part of that experience.

This is not usually the best time to approach a girl, but it is the best time to let her catch you looking at her. Be sure to return a big smile.

Maybe introduce yourself to her outside afterward, and ask her to save a dance for you.

2. The dinner.

You should ask to be seated at a singles table.

If you’re in the wedding party, you will be with or have access to the bridesmaids too, which is great.

You will have to be at the top of your conversational game if you want to make an impression on a group ladies who you don’t know.

Be a gentleman, be casual, be conversational, be pleasant and be intelligent.

It’s perfectly OK to laser in on the girl you are most interested in and ask if you can refresh her drink or get a dessert for her.

She will be flattered, and the other girls will encourage her to get to know you when you run off to the bar.

You may even find they have left an open chair next to her when you return.

3. The dance.

You may have already started some kind of connection with one of the girls by the time the music begins, but remember the wedding atmosphere will greatly increase your chances of acceptance, at least for a dance, by all of the women.

Wedding guests are all “safe” and part of the same extended family.

You are, at the least, both friends of a friend, so the possibility of rejection when you ask a girl to dance is greatly diminished.

You may both be dancing with several partners in the course of the evening.

Conversation is easy because you just have to ask how she knows the bride or the groom and take it from there.

Carry a lighter in your pocket, even if you don’t smoke. A lot of women are light smokers who only smoke when they are dancing and having drinks.

Many of them will go out for air or for a cigarette during the dance, and that is a great chance for you to get some one-on-one time for a conversation with one of the girls.

It’s also good to approach a group of three or more girls, chat a little, and then ask one to dance.

If there are only two girls, she may not want to leave her friend all alone while she goes to dance.

Wedding parties are often something people remember for years, while they forget a night out clubbing right away.

It is a comfortable experience because it is a bit of a closed group, and that’s exactly what gives you the “cred” and the freedom to be friendly with everyone there.

Don’t drink too much, or you’ll lose all of your appeal.

If you’re interested in one girl who is also interested in you, give her the freedom to enjoy all of her friends, but don’t let her see you flirt too much from flower to flower.

When you start early and get to know women in safe, conversational ways well before the booze and the libidos take over, you have a good chance of making a real connection.

Just flirt, talk, and then close the deal.

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