Selecting the right business name can make a tremendous difference in attracting the right clients. A well-crafted name also helps communicate what you do quickly, making it that much easier to let people know how you can serve them.

What I see with my clients however, is that they can tend to get stuck on coming up with a name they like. Sometimes they struggle wondering if they have created the best possible name which can lead to perfectionism and paralysis. That’s why I say there actually is no business name nirvana. No magic solution.

What matters more is to come up with a name that quickly communicates what you do. I believe in creating a business name around what result clients want most or what problem they want to solve. With my business name, Client Attraction, people can probably guess, without learning too much more, what it’s about.

Start by writing down all the things your ideal client wants. Add to that the results your clients have loved so far. Don’t work on this for too long a period of time. Then, by all means, get some feedback. Check with a few colleagues and run the ideas past a few of your favorite clients.

Then pick a name and stick with it for a while. This way, you are not mired in the decision making process. Instead, you are getting out there to build your business which is the road that leads to success.

As you gain experience marketing your business and offering your services, you will learn more about how prospects see you and what clients see as the benefits. In time, you may change your mind or re-brand if you come up a new and better name. And that’s OK too. I started out as Self-Employed Success and changed my name three more times to the name today, which as you know is Client Attraction.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Review your business name (or ideas for a name) asking yourself these questions:
1. Does it speak to the benefits clients get from working with you?
2. Does it highlight the problem that you solve?
3. Does it quickly bring to mind what you do?

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