We know how hard it can be to get a suitable house help. The right maid can help you achieve that spick and span feel and get a lot burden off your shoulders. We are listing down some tips and tricks that can help you narrow down someone suitable for house cleaning. 

Define a Scope of Work 

You need to know what you will be getting your prospective house cleaning service provider to do. Most online cleaning services will require you to answer this question too. Do you want someone to do laundry and iron or do you want them to scrub the floors and wash the dishes. You need to be very clear on the scope of work. You can find someone to do all the cleaning for you but before imploring, make a list. This will make things easier for you and the house maid in the long run. 

Ask your friends Yes

Ask. Referrals matter. You want to hire someone you can trust and who better to trust than the lady who has been cleaning your friend’s place for a long time. Better yet, ask your mom. Maybe her maid knows someone in your area. Maids in one corner for Lahore may know other maid services in Lahore. The idea is to get existing maids in your circle to refer you to someone from their network. 

Avoid Misunderstandings. Decide on a Flat Rate 

You need to mutually agree to the same rate. Together with your prospective house maid, come up with a flat rate. Decide whether you want to pay her/him by the hour, week or month. Then decide on the rate for the scope of work in the given pay period. This will make things easier for the both of you. 

Pick a Time 

Look at your schedule. Pick a time that works for you. Remember for the first few times, you want to be home to gauge whether you can trust the individual and also to make sure that you can tell them about the nooks and crannies that only you know of. It's your home. It can take a house maid or online cleaning service representative some time to get acquainted with your place. They might not know where the mop is, or where the dishwashing liquid is. 

Choose Professionals 

Professional home cleaning services like Mauqa Online provide verified and trustworthy helpers on an hourly basis. What that means is that before they send someone to clean your house, they make sure that the helper who is coming has gone through NADRA verification and they have visited their house. Next, they ask you about the services you want. After that they send you a house maid at the time you specify. You pick the number of hours you want the maid to come for. The maid cleans in the specified time and then leaves on her own. No pick and drop. No safety issues. Flat rate so no misunderstandings either. Maids in Lahore and Maids in Islamabad can be booked through them.

Author's Bio: 

Bushra Malik is an anthropologist and sociologist by profession who is passionate about her work as a writer, speaker, and blogger.