More and more women are using menstrual cups because they are better for the environment. The cup goes in the way that a tampon without an applicator does. Rather than absorbing the blood the way that a tampon does, it collects it in the coup. To remove the cup, you simply pinch the stem to break the seal and empty the cup and clean it out. After your period, you would sterilize the cup in boiling water, and put it away until your next period. There are different types of cups available. The one that you choose would be based on a number of factors.

#1 Your Cervical Height

If you have a low cervix, you would need a small, bell-shaped up. If you have a medium cervix, you might be able to go with a small, bell-shaped cup, but a V-shaped, average size cup might work better. If you have a high cervix, V-shaped cups are easier to reach during removal.

#2 Your Age and Births

If you are under 30-years-old and have no children, or gave birth via C-section, you would do best with a small, bell-shaped cup. If you are over 30 and have had children vaginally, a larger, V-shaped cup will fit better and more comfortably.

#3 Physical Activity

If you are physically active and your workout, do extreme yoga, Zumba or you are a runner; a soft cup may not work well. Many women who exercise and are physically active say that the softer cups tend to leak in the middle of their workout. You can wear soft cups to work and while you are relaxing at home, but while working out, you are better off going with a firmer cup.

#4 Sensitive Bladder

If you find that you need to urinate often, or if when you pee, you feel that your bladder isn't completely empty, you might have a sensitive bladder. If so, you want to use the right type of cup. Experts say that the best kind of cup for women with sensitive bladders are softer cups that are shaped like a bell. Using a hard, V-shaped cup will only make your bladder more sensitive.

#5 Heavy Or Light Flow

If you have a heavy flow, you might want to use a cup with the largest capacity, as long as it fits comfortable. If the heavy flow cups don't feel comfortable, you can go with a light flow up, but you will need to empty it more often. If you have a light flow, there is no need to use a heavy flow cup. It will be more uncomfortable, and you won't be able to fill it up.

If you don't know how to pick a menstrual cup, you should follow the tips listed above. Because every woman is different, different women require different cups. If you are still unsure about the type of cup that would be best for you, check out the box. Most boxes contain a great deal of information to help you choose the menstrual cup that will work best for you.

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