How to Permanently Own LUCK, Accelerated Healing…

We have received this hidden knowledge from the Guru-With-No-Name. He lives in India and visited the U.S. where he gifted us with these baby-easy Tapping Rhythms. He was instructed to do so by his Guardian Angel.

If you are like me, your Skeptical Mind asks: what are these Tapping Rhythms GOOD for? Tell me - WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me? (You!)

Guru gave us the Four Tapping Rhythms, for these energetic gifts & talents.

1. The Rhythm of Permanent LUCK
2. The Rhythm of Accelerated Healing
3. The Rhythm of Long-Term Health
4. The Rhythm of Extended Life


“Wait. I don’t believe in luck, and I already have life, health and reasonable accelerated healing.”

Answer: “We respect your skepticism, but you have no idea what Luck means Holistically. Second, you do not have CONTROL over your Life-Health-Accelerated Healing. If you are consciously-stubborn, stop reading now.”

Electromagnetic Energy

Both Indian and Chinese Healers have called humans electromagnetic fields of energy for thousands of years. They named the energy we have flowing through us “Chi-Prana-The-Life-Force”.

Every atom of our physical body, conscious-mind (thoughts & beliefs), and emotions are created from EM energy. It is what Einstein meant by E=MC2.

Energy is the same as Matter multiplied by 186,000 miles per second.

Google: Quantum Physics.

You are a magnet, with electricity and chemistry creating your activities. Get this: you Attract what is “in-sync” (synchronization) with your specific Vibrational Frequency. They include people-ideas-tangibles.

What are tangibles? Answer: every physical thing you own, including your state of your health, length of your life, financial-success, and LUCK.


Luck is your Personal Energy field. It’s a sense of awareness of the future, memory-traces (engrams) of the past, and living in the present-moment.

You obtain Luck through Intuition – an immediate knowledge outside your
senses. Intuition comes from Three parts of your Character.

Your Character (Humanness) is Controlled by:

1. Your Inner Child
2. Your Echt-Self (Real-Authentic-Genuine) higher self.
3. Your Collective-Subconscious

Your “Inner-Child” is the origin of your creativity, imagination, sense
of humor, and fun & joy. It’s you - on your eleventh birthday. He/she
is permanently located in the Limbic-System (emotions) of your brain.

Inner-Child is the you who is quick to smile and laugh, and always ready
for fun and games. I-C is the Mother of your ideas, beliefs, and ATTITUDE.

Your “Echt-Self” is the knowledgeable, experienced you. It’s your higher-
self who is located in the PreFrontal Cortex of your brain. He/she is the
essence of reason, logic, and planning. “Echt” means real and genuine.

Your Collective-Subconscious controls your hard-wiring. It runs your
instincts, DNA, heredity, memes. It has the wisdom of the past seven
(7) generations of your progenitors, and nature’s evolution.

When all three sides of your character (soul, spirit, anima) are in
harmony, you are In-The-Flow (Zone), and creating Peak-Performance.
Some call it being “in-sync”, and you manifest (create in reality) whatever
your Intentions choose as present-goals.

Changing Your Vibrational Frequency

If you want to own and control LUCK, Health, Accelerated-Healing, and
run your own Life, you need specialized knowledge. You need a system
(strategy) to “move” your vibrational frequencies to be “in-sync” with
what you desire.

Tapping Rhythms

Rhythms are just another word for vibrational frequencies.
Please get this: you have a specific Rhythm for everything, every
single thing in your life. Most are randomly set, and work by chance.

Input the Rhythm and you Alter your Life-Force-Chi-Prana. You
change the rhythm, and you change what you Attract and obtain.
Change? You “increase” your Higher-Vibrational Frequencies.


Please don’t complicate a baby-easy method (system).

Your job is to TAP a new rhythm that automatically attracts any of
the four present goals of LUCK, Health, Life, and Accelerated


There are three (3) best times to TAP:

a) Hypnagogic – prior to going to sleep. Your brain is in
Alpha cycles per second and ready to receive.

b) Hypnopompic – arising in the A.M. Your mind is at
ease and clear, and ready to receive.

c) After Meditation between 12 noon and 3PM. You mind
is in Alpha Hz again, so you are receptive.

How to Tap

1. Remember this first: the Tapping Rhythm for Luck is 1-2; 1-2-3.
Always emphasize (accent by tapping harder), the second half: 1-2-3.

You do a dozen (12) reps (repetition) of tapping 1-2; 1-2-3.

Sit down, close your eyes, and use your dominant hand or index-
finger to rhythmically tap-out 1-2; 1-2-3 on your knee or other arm.

2. Mentally see, visualize and imagine the object of your goal.
See yourself in vibrant good health, smiling and happy.
See yourself on a cruise ship on vacation or swimming in the ocean.

3. Tap rhythmically for 2-3 minutes. It activates Luck for 2-hours.
You are installing the electro-magnetic code for raising your vibrational
frequency into your brain. Where?

It is located in a “synaptic-connection and a new Neural Network.”

B) Tapping The Rhythm of Extended Long-Life (Longevity)

All of the above. Here’s the rhythmic tapping formula:

Equal accent: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Please do a dozen (12) repetitions.

It takes only 2-3 minutes and activates Extended Long-Life for 2-hours.

C) Tapping the Rhythm For Accelerated Healing

All of the Above: Sit down and close your eyes. See yourself being
healed instantaneously of your pain, disability or disease.

Tapping Rhythm: 1-2-3-4 + emphasis (accent) on the second half, 1-2-3-4.
Once more, Accelerated Health is 1-2-3-4 lightly and 1-2-3-4 harder.

Please do it for 2-3 minutes. It maintains its power for 2-hours.

D) Rhythmic Tapping For Health

Folks use this system when they have a lingering cold or extraordinary
pain in their lower back, leg or shoulder. It is invaluable for getting rid of the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Tapping Rhythm Strategy For Health

It is: 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, and 1-2, 1-2, with equal tapping force. Once more, It’s four sets of 1-2 (1-2, 1-2, 1-2, & 1-2).

Please do Tapping For Health for 2-3 minutes. It lasts for 2-hours.


What you have learned is Pure Gold, but only if you use it. Your first choice is whether you will do this scientific experiment. Our experience is that Rhythmic Tapping for Higher Vibrational Frequencies is a Win-Win.

It is presently used by Executives, College and Graduate School students. We have been successfully using it for over ten-years.

It’s your decision to steer your life for joy, happiness, and health.

See ya,

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