Regular maintenance is extremely important in order to avoid situations which threaten one’s safety. This fact becomes more important when it comes to garage doors. Garage doors need to work perfectly at all times. Failure to regularly check them for problems can lead to serious issues. Hence, it is recommended to check your garage door in routine. In case you encounter a problem, you should immediately contact a professional person who will rectify the issue according to the instructions of the door manufacturer.
In fact, if you possess the manufacturer’s manual for your garage door, things become easier. You can have a look at the manual in order to rectify minor issues yourself and perform garage door repair, garage door service, garage door maintenance or garage door opener repair. Moreover, in case you do not possess such a manual, you should immediately get it from your manufacturer.
Let us have a look at some of the ways in which you can perform regular maintenance of your garage door.

1. Visual Inspection
The best and easiest way to perform inspection of your door is to have a thorough look at it. You should check for any broken parts or signs of wear. If you think there is something wrong with any part of the door, you should immediately call a professional for help. However, there are also a couple of factors to keep in mind in order to avoid unnecessary injury:
• Do not try to resolve the issue yourself if you do not have a proper idea about how to do it.
• You should, at any time, not try to touch the springs. The springs are under high tension and can cause serious damage if touched at the wrong time.
• You should also not try to adjust the screws on the brackets at the bottom of the door. These brackets are also connected to a spring and hence are under high tension.

2. Lubrication
Regular lubrication of certain hardware parts of the door is also extremely important to ensure that the parts get a long life. In case you observe friction or resistance in any part, you should lubricate it. However, keep in mind that it is not safe to lubricate plastic parts in your garage door. You should have a look at the manual given by the manufacturer for specific details regarding lubrication.

3. Door balance
You should also check the door balance regularly. You can do this by opening the door with your hands and observing if the whole process runs smoothly or not. Keep in mind that you should disconnect the garage door opener while doing this and perform the whole process manually. In case the process is not smooth or the door does not remain open at a specific height above the ground, then there is surely some problem. Hence, you need to call a professional to rectify this issue before it increases and causes further problems.

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