The article discusses the procedure of pairing a Bluetooth device with a Windows 7 computer. The methods compiled here are simple and reliable. However, it is advised that these should be implemented carefully to avoid encountering problems. It will save your time as well as money that would indeed be spent searching for Microsoft help or Microsoft Windows 7 support options.


Before beginning, make sure that you either have a Windows 7-supported Bluetooth dongle or an inbuilt Bluetooth functionality in your Windows 7 computer for the pairing to work. Also make sure that you have an active internet connection and the Bluetooth is turned on in your device before beginning with the pairing procedure.

Using the Bluetooth Dongle –

Plug the Bluetooth Dongle into the USB port of your Win7 PC. The automatic plug and play wizard will open up, recognize the Bluetooth device, and automatically install the correct driver software needed for it. You will see the Driver Software Installation window showing the drivers installed with green checkmarks next to Ready to use a couple of times. Click on the Close button to exit this window.

Click on the Start button, type ‘Bluetooth’ (without quotes) in the Start Search menu, and hit Enter on the keyboard. You will see different entries on the top under Control Panel. Click on the Add a Bluetooth device link.

Let the Windows 7 search for an active device (make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your device). When finished, it will show the list of devices it has found. Click on the name of your Bluetooth device and customize it like setting as the default device if you want to. Check the sound settings or adjust them if desired. When done, click on Apply button and then OK to exit the window.

Using the Win7 Built-in Functionality –

Before beginning, let’s make Windows 7’s work easier. Click on the Start menu and the click to select Devices and Printers on the right hand side. Right click on the computer’s icon and then choose Device installation settings from the dropdown options. In the Device installation settings window, click to select the button next to Yes, do this automatically (recommended) and then hit the Save Changes button. This task will ensure that Win7 automatically searches for and installs correct driver software for your Bluetooth device. You must perform this task; otherwise you will be lost searching for the correct drivers on the internet. Besides, a great deal of time will be lost doing so.

When done, type ‘devicepairingwizard’ (without quotes) in the Start Search field and hit Enter on the keyboard. Meanwhile, make sure that Bluetooth is active on your device. Now that the Add a device wizard opens and shows the list of all the devices that it has found, click to select your one from the options and then press the Next button.

Now Windows will check for the correct driver software from the internet and automatically install them. Your manual labor and time will be saved. When finished, it will prompt open a window displaying ‘This device has been successfully added to this computer’. You can either hit the Close button or click on the Devices and Printers link to check whether the device is properly functioning or not.

Additional Tips:

It is always good to turn on the Windows’ automatic update device drive installation feature as it can search for the right drivers for all types of devices and thus save you from the hassle and pain of doing it on your own. Besides, there are several manufacturers or driver software publishers on the internet who publish drivers on a regularly basis. It will be beyond your understanding to download and install the right, compatible drive for your device.

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