Mothering is not easy. Sure! It has some benefits and a lot to teach, but, mothering is not at all easy. It is difficult, it takes patience and above all, it needs skills that you don’t possess, like packing. Learning this set of skills is not at all difficult. There are some things that can be learned easily either from the internet or through practice. A thing that tops the list is diapering.
Diapering is an issue that every parent faces a hard time dealing with. Here, you can read how to keep it simple, convenient and substantial details about diapering.
What to carry in a diaper bag?
It is a big task to decide on the things to pack & carry in a diaper bag. Well, all parents carry many things that might not be used every time and it is hiding in the bag forever. Here are the things that you need to always carry with you in your diaper bag.
1. Diapers – Pack one diaper for every hour that you will be out, plus one extra, just in case.
2. Wipes
3. Diaper cream
4. Baby Lotion
5. Baby Powder
6. A wet/bag or doggie poop bag for soiled diapers/clothes
7. Change of clothes
8. Burp cloth
9. Bib(s)
10. Hand sanitizer
11. Bottles and breastmilk or formula
12. Sippy cup for your older baby or toddler
13. Emergency snacks for you and your older baby or toddler
14. Blanket – you can roll a blanket up to a small size. They are also great to use as a nursing cover or to use as a shield to keep the sun and mosquitoes off your baby.
15. A few toys and/or books
16. Mommy’s essentials (phone, wallet, keys)
17. Seasonal supplies (sunscreen and bug spray in summer, jacket and hat in the cooler months)

How to pack a perfect diaper bag?
Once you know what you must carry, the bigger question is how to carry? Well, here we have a few tips and tricks which are handy.
· Unzip every compartment and dump everything out of your diaper bag. Get rid of everything you don’t need. While you have your bag emptied, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and clean your diaper bag.
· Start loading your diaper bag by zones. Keep the zones together by compartment or mesh bags. I use the following order
· Pack your diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and wet bag. Pack an extra pair of clothes for baby. Pack feeding accessories (bottles, sippy cup, snacks, bib, burp cloth, etc.)
· Roll up your swaddle blanket and store it in an inside compartment
· Baby entertainment – Like books and toys.
· Mommy’s essentials that include keys, mobile, purse etc.
These are some of the methods that my friends and I use. highly practical, efficient and convenient.

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