Sometimes we fear change. Why? Because we do not know what will happen. It is this fear that keeps us from enjoying life. Because we cannot know what will be, we fear; we fear the not knowing. It isn't so much what could happen as we cannot prepare for whatever may be. In order to feel more at ease about our future, we need to look at life from another perspective. Instead of assuming we are in a revolving pattern in life, we need to understand we are always and only going forward. Very rarely do we experience the same thing twice, so to fear repetition is to assume yesterday will be just like today. Every moment we exist in is never the same as ones that have passed. We cannot begin to know what will be of the future because life is not repetitious. Life is not this way, only our perspective keeps us feeling like this is so.

Our perspective of life, how we see our future, our assumption that the possibilities of it will be a repetition of our past can be altered. This we must let go of in order to feel more at ease with that which we do not know, for this assumption is related to our fear. Either we fear the unknown or we fear what we do not want. Either way, we are stuck with regarding our future or any change as a threat to us. We cannot stop change or the progress of time. Change happens constantly in small and large ways; we may not even realize how often things are really changing around us, for we tend to only look into the yet undetermined future with fear, not at now. If we were to think of now in this way, with what is happening and what is changing, would we experience fear? Or because it is happening now, are we more comfortable with it? When we experience now, we adjust, we cope, in a way we are more at ease because it is now. We are in the midst of what is happening, so to fear what it may be is impossible. We can only fear change when it is in our future. The only thing that is happening, ever really happening, is right now. Right now you can deal with life, as you always have, because every day you are already present with it. Now is the only time change is possible and you have always, constantly, been a part of it.

We cannot experience what hasn't happened yet. We live in now, experience now, only. Have you ever in your life said to yourself I cannot do this, and then did so anyway? Have you ever experienced a moment that shook you to the core and yet you managed to go on? In either of those moments, were you afraid of what would happen or were you able to focus on what was going on? Did you forget about the future because you were dealing with right now? When you are immersed in the moment, you forget about fearing change or the future. When you are actively present, even hard, challenging moments become possible. Let go of the idea that you must fear change or the future, for change occurs naturally, and you have always been up to the task, whether you realized it or not. Fear not what might be, but look instead at where you are, for that is the only place the future comes to, right now.

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