How To Overcome Social Awkwardness: How To Do Away With Shyness

Shyness has been looked down upon in our culture. To be shy is equivalent to being publicly incapacitated. But is it true that all shy people suffer from social anxiety? The answer is simply no. Some people are withdrawn and "shy" by nature, others, however, experience anxiety in social situations. The latter group definitely benefit from reducing their shyness and consequently their social anxiety.

Most shy people have trouble networking. Nowadays, this could be devastating, not only to their social lives, but also to their careers. While the saying goes 'nice guys finish last', but in reality it would be more accurate to say that 'shy guys finish last.' Overcoming your anxiety in social situations could mean more job opportunities, or even more success at your present job. Consider all the successful people in your workplace; you know those who seem to 'move up the ladder' faster than the rest. Are they well-connected and socially gifted? More often than not this will be the case. Being able to attend company cocktails in style, and perhaps even telling a few jokes to make your boss laugh, helps in adding to your image as a confident, well-liked, person which, in turn, earns you bonus points in your career.

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The more obvious, but nonetheless important, advantage is the increase in the number of friends that you have. It is true that many shy people have meaningful, lasting, long-term friends-you know, like the friend they met back in middle school-but they often lack the casual, sometimes more fun, acquaintances. While having a best friend you can confide in is essential for your mental health, having a few friends you can go out and have worry-free fun with is truly refreshing and has long-term benefits on your mood and disposition. It is a vicious cycle: the more friends you have, the more likable you feel-and that makes you happier. And the happier you feel, the more likely you are to seek social contacts from outside your regular circle.

Perhaps the most important advantage to beating social anxiety and overcoming shyness is the soaring self-esteem that comes with overcoming our own shortcomings. Shy people often suffer from low self-esteem because of the social isolation they feel and the anxiety that comes with attending social situations. This lack of self-esteem may even lead to a constant, low-grade, unhappiness with their current social situation. If this goes on for long enough, it could lead to depression-especially if the person that suffers from social anxiety is not blessed with a support network in his/her life. Because of the nature of shyness and social anxiety, people around you might make you feel like it is your fault; it is all in your hands; or that "you should just get out more." You end up feeling that there is something innately wrong with you.

But, when you overcome your shyness and you beat your social anxiety, you will be overjoyed with the new sense of control you have over your life. Indeed, your life will be much happier with your new-found confidence in social situations.

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The best way to control panic attacks is to use distraction. When you completely immerse yourself into something you do not have the time to start thinking about your anxiety ad fear. Without anxiety and fear it is impossible to experience a panic attack...

You can not control panic attacks by doing mindless activities like chores or watching TV. These activities do not typically engross a person's attention enough to stop their mind from wandering. You have to find something that engages you and stops your thoughts of fear in their tracks.

The first step in controlling panic and anxiety is to find something that keeps your attention and stimulates your mind. The more you get engulfed with the activity the better. If at all possible pick something that exerts a lot of energy... if you are tired you are calmer and less likely to experience a panic attack.

There are tons of hobbies and distractions that you can implement to control panic attacks. Try taking up a sport, running, playing an instrument, gardening, drawing, or anything... anything that you can do regularly that distracts you from your thoughts of panic and anxiety.

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When you fully engross yourself in an activity you do not have time to think about the fears that typically cause your panic. You do not let the feelings of anxiety linger and you just push them aside... you put all of your energy towards your new hobby. This also helps eliminate the feelings of your life going nowhere because of panic. You have something to work towards and this helps a lot.

When you implement distraction you can focus your nervous energy on something that is more productive than fear. Typically panic attacks start when your mind starts to wander... when your mind wanders it starts to focus on something negative... once you focus on something negative it is hard to get out of that train of thought.

You can use distraction to control panic attacks and live panic free. You can experience new and exciting things and eventually you do forget about the fears that cause your panic and anxiety. Having an engrossing hobby helps you live your life to its fullest... you get out of the trap that your mind has set. You can control panic attacks by doing activities until you completely forget you were ever fearful.

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One of the best ways to help for panic attacks is to start as soon as you wake up in the morning. For people suffer for panic disorder morning time is often when panic and anxiety start to brew. There are some simple things that you can do every morning that can help for panic attacks.

When you implement this routine you will notice that your panic and anxiety levels drastically drop throughout the day. As soon as you wake up every morning make sure that you stretch your legs and your arms. Stretching is imperative in getting your mind and body ready for the day.

While you're stretching try not to think about your anxiety level... think about things that you are looking forward to during the day. If you can wake up thinking positive thoughts your positivity is more likely to stay with you all day. Take a look around and think of everything that you are grateful for... this will help start your day off on the right foot.

By this time you should start becoming more and more awake... and you will notice that you feel more calm and relaxed. To keep your relaxed state you should now implement some breathing exercises.

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Make sure your breathing slowly and deeply from your abdomen... people that suffer from panic disorder often breathe short and shallow breaths from their chests. This type of breathing often leads to symptoms such as light-headedness and chest pains which often lead to panic attacks.

If you spend approximately 5-10 minutes breathing deeply and thinking about positive thoughts you will notice that you feel calm and relaxed. Once you are sure that you feel ready to go start doing the things that your morning routine entails. You can get ready for work, do your kids ready for school, or do whatever you need to.

Overall this routine takes about half an hour... but it is a great help for panic attacks. Just taking a few moments of your time in the morning will help you prevent panic attacks for the rest of the day. This routine will help you get grounded and properly prepared for the rest of the day.

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When faced with having an anxiety attack, what to do next is uppermost in your mind. Anxiety attacks can be one of the most terrifying, distressing, and painful experiences a person can have. In trying to find a cure, the number one step is identifying the cause.

While there are no clear-cut causes, there does seem to be a relationship with life changes that hold special significance - getting married, graduating from college, having a baby, securing a first job. An attack can also be triggered by extreme stress such as a divorce, job loss, or death of a loved one.

There is some indication that a person can have a genetic predisposition - if a member of the family has had anxiety attacks, you may have a higher risk, particularly during a stressful time.

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While many people believe that anxiety attacks are established in a persons' emotional makeup, most people do not consider that there could be a physical component. Many attacks have a physical trigger and the resulting panic and anxiety is a symptom of a physical illness. There are many possible medical and physical conditions that can cause an attack:

1. pregnancy

2. menopause

3. poor diet

4. alcohol or drug abuse

5. little or no exercise

6. too much caffeine

7. diabetes

8. hypoglycemia

9. hypertension

10. puberty

11. mitral valve prolapse

12. hyperthyroidism

13. withdrawal from medication

14. zinc or magnesium deficiency

15. medications that increase activity in the part of the brain involved in fear reactions

Because there are a great number of potential physical causes of anxiety attacks, it is important to go to the doctor for a complete physical.

Finding a cure for your anxiety attack - what to do next will often be dependent on what is causing the attack. If you discover that the attacks are being triggered from a physical condition, then the attacks should stop after treating the physical cause. If the attacks are being caused by a particular anxiety or phobia, then you will need to attack the anxiety or phobia.

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